4 thoughts on “How to Solve the Problem of the One Percent”

  1. In Quebec, they bypass the guillotine and simply remove your speech, as efforts to decrease services in English have been announced by Premier Legault. As an old person with an English education in Quebec, I am “entitled” to “some” services in English. The destruction of the “English-speaking community” in pockets throughout the province is continuing. The 17th century French language has male and female articles (le la les) for all nouns, celebrating sexual spirit in all matters. Maybe they’ll bring back wooden shoes. Just a thought: perhaps eliminate the English “the” because it contains “he”, and replace it with “them-thar”…

    1. Personally I think this new “woke” attempt to degender romance languages is a bit silly. The only people who use terms like LatinX are rich Anglos. Latinos hate the term. But in general, I’m thinking more of class warfare than ethnic conflict. One of the first republic’s big mistakes was to try to forceably take the Catholic Church away from the Celtic tribal people in western France. In that sense the Jacobins weren’t too different from Cromwell in Ireland.

      But compared to current day feminism in the USA (the “vote for Hillary or you’re sexist” nonsense) the working class character of early French feminism is remarkable. It was actually the working class women of Paris who dragged Louis XVI out of Versailles to make him accountable to the people. Feminism needs to get back to its revolutionary roots in the French and Russian revolutions.


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