So What’s Going on in Iowa?


So what’s going on in Iowa?

1.) A week before the Iowa caucus I noticed a coordinated talking point among centrist Democratic pundits and pro-establishment Democratic Party activists that the Iowa caucuses were “too white” and that Iowa should be replaced as the first state to vote in the primaries by Arkansas or South Carolina.

2.) A tech startup with ties to Pete Buttigieg and the Clintons effectively sabotages the Iowa caucuses. The new talking point being put out by centrist Democratic pundits and pro-establishment Democratic Party activists is “see we told you so. This is a problem that’s built into the Iowa caucuses.”

3.) Whether or not Buttigieg tried to rig the caucuses in his favor remains to be seen. Clearly if the Democratic Party establishment had tried to rig the caucuses themselves they would have thrown the votes to Warren or Biden, not Buttigieg. This doesn’t rule out multiple layers of tampering with Buttigieg and the DNC both (incompetently) pursuing their own agendas.

4.) When Bernie’s campaign announced Monday night that they had their own app, the Iowa Democratic Party stopped the counting at 62 percent (with Buttigieg in the lead) and held off releasing any further results.

5.) As the Iowa Democratic Party released more results, Buttigieg’s lead progressively shrunk. At 97%, when it appeared that the satellite caucuses were about to put Bernie over the top, the DNC stepped in and stopped the counting, calling for a recount. And that’s where it stands.

So what to make of all this?

My guess is that the DNC and the Democratic establishment probably realize they can’t stop Bernie. Biden is imploding. Warren isn’t catching on. So what will they do?

I think the plan to throw the election to Trump in November and then front load the 2024 primaries in conservative southern states to make sure that a Bernie Sanders (the new McGovern in their eyes) never gets close to the nomination again. In the meantime, if Buttigieg (or Bloomberg) can damage Sanders before the Democratic National Convention in July, so much the better. If the Sanders campaign fades in the Spring, and the Democratic Party establishment can run a “compromise” candidate like Klobuchar or Bloomberg, they’ll probably try to beat Trump in the Fall.

Is Pete Buttigieg the American Emmanuel Macron (an elite corporate consultant who comes out of nowhere to steal the Presidency after the traditional political parties implode) or is he effectively a stalking horse for Michael Bloomberg?

Only time will tell. I don’t know how many people outside of the NYC area know how bad Michael Bloomberg is. He’s the closest thing to Mussolini (and that includes Trump) in American politics today, a hard core authoritarian who preemptively arrested 2000 people during the Republican National Convention in 2004, smashed Occupy Wall Street, and instituted a reign of terror against young, black and brown New Yorkers during his three terms (the last illegal) as mayor. He’s definitely a long shot. He’s not going to win in the red states with his record on gun control. So it probably means another term of Trump (or Pence if Trump’s corruption finally catches up with him). Get ready to hear a lot more about Russia (and China) over the next few years. I’m going to need a bigger crate of Vodka.

I think there is a legitimate question about whether or not Bernie should run a third party campaign. The Democratic Party establishment clearly intends to sabotage him if he gets the nomination. So perhaps the best strategy for him would be to throw his delegates to Warren at the Democratic Party convention in July to block Bloomberg and accept the Green Party nomination. He certainly has the infrastructure to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

8 thoughts on “So What’s Going on in Iowa?

  1. katharineotto

    Can you explain why the Democratic Party hates Bernie so much? The media seems to want to sideline him, too. Are they afraid he can beat Trump, who seems to be in Israel’s pocket?

    1. srogouski Post author

      1.) The elite donors hate him because he’s a socialist and they think he’ll raise their taxes.

      2.) Rank and file liberals hate him because they think he’ll lose to Trump, unlike Hillary who would have beat Trump had it not been for the Russians.

      1. katharineotto

        Are there any Dems in the field who can beat Trump? The way they are slugging it out among themselves, the Dems aren’t showing enough ability to cooperate to present a united front.

        Now, if the economy were to tank before November, that could make a difference.

        1. srogouski Post author

          I honestly don’t know. Bloomberg won’t beat him because he’s the man most identified with gun control. So he won’t win a single red state. Warren won’t beat him because she’s that college professor everybody hated. Buttigieg probably won’t. Biden eh, if he holds himself together. Bernie might if he had a unified party behind him but he won’t.

          My guess is Trump wins a second term.

        2. srogouski Post author

          Buttigieg is what happened in France

          1.) Everybody hated the Socialists because they turned too right wing and implemented austerity.

          2.) The guy running for the traditional Conservatives turned out to be a crook.

          3.) People were a little too afraid of Marine Le Pen (the Donald Trump of France).

          So Emmanuel Macron, this young banker and corporate consultant, comes out of nowhere and wins the Presidency. That COULD happen in the US. Buttigieg looks pretty strong. But obviously both countries are different. What it’s led to in France is non-stop protests.

  2. John Thurloe

    If physical ballots are not marked by a voter at a polling place and then counted by independent scrutineers with these results sealed and secured – then the whole process is electronic and subject to unverifiable interference.

    The Democratic establishment wouldn’t think twice about such a fraud. After all, they’ve been pushing the Russia-gate lies ever more shrilly, White Helmets, whathaveyou. It’s always double-down, never back off, smear, yell more.

    This conduct is a product of weakness and even desperation. You do this when the welfare of your lot is in jeopardy. In this case it is that of the liberal – progressive apparatchiks. The nomenclatura of consultants, advisors, think tanks, organizers, academia, teachers, union bosses and community organizers. That vast constituency that feed off of and depend upon the public tit – directly or indirectly. These are the crowd that provide and marshal the ground forces that drive political campaigns, supply the social media howlers and fill the ranks of the fake news media. They who profit from endlessly beating the drums for this or that Identity bunch – gays, blacks, feminists et al.

    Trump and his co-thinkers are an existential threat to the liberal apparatchiks. They cannot suffer the continued loss of the pursestrings. They are furious and frightened that their best efforts have not brought down Tricky Dick Trump.

    The Clinton Machine is the best hope. Sanders could never wield enough power to deliver. And never a ‘socialist’. Biden is over the hill and tainted. The gay Buttigieg has no chance. Bloomberg’s overt money excludes him. Warren has pissed off Wall St. If the primaries do not sort things out then it’s up to a Dark Horse or a brokered convention. And both mean likely failure.

    Under such pressure look for the party establishment to split. For some faction to attempt some last-ditch off the wall maneuver. The usual sort of thing is to manufacture a crisis – an assassination, a bombing, a mega-scandal – “Bernie caught fucking sheep! Live at six!” Something totally de-stabilizing.

    The problem is Trump has more power to do the same and the guy just can’t be knocked over. So, the Democrats are in deep trouble. No loot, no cohesion. The in-fighting begins.

    The very best thing for regular American working people is that the Democratic Party cancer is removed from them. That which paralyzes and dis-empowers people. Trump may be the enemy, but the Democrats are traitors.


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