Michael Bloomberg is Didius Julianus

n 193 AD, after the death of Commodus, a wealthy oligarch named Didius Julianus bought the throne of the Roman Empire.

With Sulpicianus on the inside and Didius Julianus without the two men began to make offers to the soldiers for their support. Monetary offers were waged against one another until ultimately Didius Julianus purchased the throne for 25,000 sesterces per Praetorian, according to contemporary historian and senator Dio Cassius. (With 10 double strength praetorian cohorts of approx. 800 men, the total payment may have been as much as 200 million sesterces or 50 million denarii). The Historia Augusta suggests that Didius Julianus actually ended up paying some 30,000 sesterces but another contemporary (Herodian, though a child at the time) disputes this entirely, suggesting that the funds simply weren’t available to make good on the promised payments.


4 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg is Didius Julianus”

  1. …and after being confirmed by the Senate reigned without ruling for two months until the army under S. Severus dispatched him. Which might be the lesson here.

    Dark money and dirty dealings have ever corrupted elections in the United States. Bloomberg’s case is egregious but if his politics were those of Michael Collins or Eugene Debs I would give him a pass.

    1. Every time I hear some corrupt corporate liberal say “with Trump we are going to lose the republic” I feel like stabbing my eye with a plastic fork. We “lost the republic” in 2000 when the Supreme Court picked Bush over Gore. Now Bush is giving breath mints to Michelle Obama and dancing on Ellen.

    2. reigned without ruling for two months until the army under S. Severus dispatched him. Which might be the lesson here.

      Didius Julianus Bloomberg didn’t even last 2 months

  2. Ho, ho! Very well put.

    The late Lady Astor was quoted in the published diaries of Harold Nicholson as saying ‘she would rather be blown up than to suck up’. Something the Democratic establishment cannot say. Given that they will always knuckle under rather that stand by their presumed principles.

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