I Have No Clue What to Think About Coronavirus So I’m just going to Listen to a Greek

Hey they invented Western Civilization after all.

5 thoughts on “I Have No Clue What to Think About Coronavirus So I’m just going to Listen to a Greek

  1. John Thurloe

    This is nowhere near a ‘pandemic’ as such are defined.

    Each year, globally, deaths attributed to any flu virus are between 300,000 – 600,000. This is background ‘normal’. This is not rated as a pandemic.This virus has yet claimed a much smaller number and is not on course to reach such levels.

    Around 80% of those testing positive remain asymptomatic. Many more experience only minor symptoms. This is completely at odds with the much higher levels of virulence associated with a pandemic.

    The death rate of this outbreak is about 1%. In any true pandemic, the rates are far higher.

    In China, the infection rate has dropped to almost none. Very few new cases. This is typical of many flu viruses. They are often 90 wonders. There is often a second wave of a mutated virus that hits later but it will be weaker. All this is the normal course of the many corona viruses that have always been buzzing around. A true pandemic last far longer.

    This virus is spreading physically – across regions – but a rate much slower than is typical for a true pandemic. A great many countries are as yet uninfected. Of course, this virus will spread further the slower it does the less momentum it delivers.

    Chinese pathologists have found that many forms of this virus are present at the same time in those who have died. Which means it is mutating quickly. Which means there cannot be any effective vaccine.

    China is the model to observe. Matters on course to normal . If, in such a dense urbanized population this can be sustained then this is and never was a ‘pandemic’.

    A serious flu virus. Yes. Deserving of appropriate action. Of course. But a lot of Chicken Littles will eating crow. “Tens of millions infected! Dead!” Pure pig shit.

    However, since this event has served as a outside force to crash the debt bubble ponzi markets, I say Hurrah!

    It’s the Russian Commies who are behind all this ruin.

    1. srogouski Post author

      It feels like this crisis really going to slam the upper-middle-class.

      Look at the stock market. Lots of upper middle-class people are losing their 401Ks and Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos are going to buy all this stock up cheap.

  2. John Thurloe

    How long will teenagers, students, and other restless masses tolerate being imprisoned in their homes, barred from socially communing? Not long I reckon. Via cell and twitter, they will they leak out and gather. To party, gossip, disport. What will the police do? Arrest them? Jail them? Shoot them? Nothing is more certain than there will be incidents, outrages, casualties.

    The public will grow ever tired of constraint. Increasingly they will protest, claim harm, become desperate. My parent is dying. I will not tolerate that I cannot visit. My business is failing. I must get to my cottage. Multiply by millions. And this will all become a Force.


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