A Public Call For the Immediate Resignation and Prosecution of All Senators Who Knew About COVID-19 And Gaslit the Public

An NPR report today revealed that GOP top brass knew about the seriousness of COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus for weeks/months and chose to only tell the truth to business leaders while telling dangerous lies to the public and refusing free testing kits from China.

I am making a public call for all those Senators and House members who did know to resign immediately and face the strictest possible criminal charges that can be brought up. These could include but wouldn’t be limited to: mass homicide by negligence, crimes against humanity, insider trading, and treason.

They took active steps to endanger and kill thousands (possibly millions) of US citizens.

I don’t care about the “realism” of this demand, I don’t care about the logistics. I only care that if you agree, you share this.

They need to know that there’s a massive number of angry people out there who know that members of their own government actively tried to kill them, their friends, and their family members.

They need to know that we’re not going to take this laying down.

And anyone who tries to pull these kinds of genocidal tactics on the US again needs to know they will face dire consequences.

If the President wants to play games with all of us, the press and TV stations should refuse to give him airtime and walk out of his next conference in protest. Don’t broadcast any of it. Let him buy his own megaphone.

Nothing he says is of any value, and it keeps wasting vast sums of time we don’t have.

We either have a society or we don’t.

Who’s with me?

26 thoughts on “A Public Call For the Immediate Resignation and Prosecution of All Senators Who Knew About COVID-19 And Gaslit the Public”

  1. All puffed up blind over this low grade virule against the economic damage. The evidence is not being assessed objectively. We are in an Hysteria. We are in a permanent Virus War civil status. A state of emergency,It never ends. These things happen. This will all look really embarrassing later.

    There will soon be another and then another ‘flu’ epidemic to come forward. You can count on it. Another new nasty bug headed your way. One wave after another. This new 9/11.
    This panic. Nothing will be the same afterwards. There is no ‘off’ switch with this.

    Comrades become apologists for Big Pharma. We must bail out the auto makers to save the jobs. The rich will douse us with funding if we contain the popular expressions. Yeah, this is a natural environment for a good liberal betrayal.

    But, if the damage is so much so hard, things may get out of hand at street level. Events may vere out of any control. People decide to congregate as they please.Yellow vest impulses. Then all bets are off.

    Eventually, looking out from the door of his hovel, bored, pissed, angry, fearful. Won’t take long for this to pop. Then, no one will be thinking about the stupid virus. People start thinking about guns.

    1. I think they’re dangling the possibility of UBI in order to make sure people don’t rebel, that they wait while the outrage dissipates.

      I tend to agree that we won’t get UBI if there’s no rioting. We’ll get some watered down, means tested “tax credits” and “low interest loans.”

      But it’s clear the Republicans did know about this. Burr sold off all his stocks as soon as he learned.


    2. If the 1% are considering actual measures toward the social good, that’s a pretty good sign this is actually the sky falling. If a month ago you told me Trump was considering UBI, I would’ve told you the last words Hitler said in the bunker were the Sh’ma.

          1. Is it possible the Democrats are going to take a dive in November because they don’t want to be in charge while the crisis is going on?

            I mean what does this process look like so far? Republicans (Trump) propose some radical idea and the Democrats come back and say “but it has to be means tested.”

            There also seems to be some weird buzz about replacing Biden with Cuomo at the convention. I don’t know if you remember how Rumsfeld became a “sex symbol” after 9/11. But the Democrats and the media seem to be setting up Cuomo as Guiliani in his America’s Mayor phase and stud Rumsfeld.

            If you can stomach it.


              1. I think we need to get creative.

                Like starting a rumor that there’s a secret stockpile of toilet paper in the White House basement.

                Then Americans would be like.

              2. Tweeted it at Pat Mills (who follows me) and Judd Apatow who shared the Mark Rappaport petition. Hopefully they see the tweet.

  2. I don’t know, Dan. How would “early-knowers” know that it was a “dangerous pandemic” when you don’t have any numbers in order to determine if an “infectious disease” is more or less “infectious”? This year, 20 20 should be dedicated to your “hindsight” that is “perfect” after the fact, but must be rather paranoid delusion. “The Science” of pandemics is dependent, in many cases, on “historical” analysis of real data. How can you develop a scientific conclusion about what is a pandemic or what “is going to be” a pandemic? But I see at today’s White House press briefing (March 20, 2020) that a question was asked about these listed reps. Closed door briefing on January 24 – suppose there is no record, how is there proof of stock sales related to the meeting???

      1. Dan, show me a record of what was said at the meeting, please, I need FACTS. I don’t know anything, so I don’t have an opinion. Do you know how to do that?I need scientific facts about when a disease becomes an epidemic or a pandemic. A tweet claims 5 senators had a meeting (there may have been “other” reasons why they sold stock. I STRONGLY suggest they knew NOTHING about a “pandemic”.

          1. Camus wrote in his novel La Peste that the first stage in a plague is denial. The second stage is trying to find some metric of “what constitutes a pandemic.”

            The doctor remembered the plague at Constantinople that, according to Procopius, caused ten thousand deaths in a single day. Ten thousand dead made about five times the audience in a biggish cinema. Yes, that was how it should be done. You should collect the people at the exits of five picture-houses, you should lead them to a city square and make them die in heaps if you wanted to get a clear notion of what it means. Then at least you could add some familiar faces to the anonymous mass. But naturally that was impossible to put into practice; moreover, what man knows ten thousand faces? In any case the figures of those old historians, like Procopius, weren’t to be relied on; that was common knowledge. Seventy years ago, at Canton, forty thousand rats died of plague before the disease spread to the inhabitants. But, again, in the Canton epidemic there was no reliable way of counting up the rats. A very rough estimate was all that could be made, with, obviously, a wide margin for error.

            Real danger is the “frog slowly boiling phenomenon.” Most people will be in denial until someone they know gets it. That makes collective action very difficult, especially in the absence of any real leadership.

    1. Look at any major newspaper right now or click the link that says “NPR” in the article. There’s no excuse to be a truther about this unless you’re either too lazy to do that or have ulterior motives.

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