4/1 International Rent Strike

rent strike

Come April 1st, don’t pay jack shit on mortgages or rent until the government takes measures to make sure we don’t all die or go broke.

A one time $2000 payment isn’t gonna float anyone for 3-18 months who didn’t already have the resources in the bank.

You think cops are going to want to mass evict during a pandemic, thereby completely losing all control over said pandemic and repeatedly exposing themselves to potentially fatal illness?

You think courts are going to magically re-open to process 100s of 1000s of eviction claims?

You think the government wants the visual of 1000s of sick people being tossed in the street when you’ve already got a population that scared, anxious and pissed off?

You think if we don’t do something like this, the Senate and White House are going to magically decide to act like adults all by themselves?

We have a unique opportunity here.

And given the general disregard for human life that has been shown by our so-called leaders, I don’t think we have another option.

12 thoughts on “4/1 International Rent Strike”

  1. I like this action proposal. Less jawboning and more feet in the streets. Something to rally people behind. The physical act of full contact organizing. Hits the class enemy where it hurts them – in their pocket book. Keeps real dough in the hands of those who need and deserve it.

    More actions like this, please.

  2. JP MorganStanley is predicting a second quarter GDP of 24%. On whose shoulders will the weight of this be borne? Going to sit around your quarantined home an feel sorry for yourself? Find your backbones brothers and sisters. Meet. plan, act. Or be damned for doing nothing.

      1. That’s how it’s measured. The first big capital investment fund has gone belly up. There’s a good sign.

          1. The first thing to think is making a “friendly” deal with your landlord. He is stuck, too. An attitude of fuck everybody else is going to be a problem. But I know the American Marlboro Man Wild Cowboy will just be shooting themselves out of trouble, eh? Tough guys shoot first, maybe think afterwards, maybe. If there’s room for thought with a 20 second attention span. Let’s work together, I want to turn my anger into prayers…

  3. Continued sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are nearly “genocide”. Closed borders with millions of “stateless” refugees in Greece and Turkey are indications of the border crisis that will grow each day – these are like people from Idlib in Syria, having been “bombed” out of their homes, and are now “losers” on the Road to Oblivion. You think YOU have problems? We ALL have problems, your idea of combined action is correct, but the action has to be towards a positive outcome – paying my rent is one thing I don’t have to worry about, and I’m not going to make it a problem that I don’t need. Incredibly, some kind of global response is being demanded of everyone – the people still working – health care, food logistics, water and energy suppliers are going to get sick, and eventually systems will start failing BUT this huge shutdown NOW might be the bullet we can dodge, or else “Later” is going to be a lot worse…but who knows?

  4. I used to be a doorman, back in 2011. I laugh at where I would be now, if I was still there. I guess I’d just walk away, the tenants wouldn’t want me there, either. Social distancing at the front door of a downtown hi-rise??

  5. I am just thinking tonight about data farms that are the backbone of the internet lots of energy and staff “essential” to keep running. Just after eliminating cash with all-electronic money, the “money system” on internet might fail. Hmmm, what then?

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