The Revolution is Now

People know the government is lying to them now.
That’s progress.
People know the system is rigged against them for the benefit of the 1%.
That’s progress.

People know the rich don’t care whether they live or die.

That’s progress.

People don’t yet think they have recourse or the wherewithal to fight back.

That’s our job for the next 18 months.

6 thoughts on “The Revolution is Now”

  1. Americans sit at home, self quarantined by the badgering of corporate media. Hunkered down, doing nothing, like stunned ducks, watching their businesses, jobs, assets, and futures collapse. Paralyzed. Waiting for some Uber-Power to rescue them. The government, medicine, army, whatever. But it’s all You are powerless. They must save you.

    What a worthless lot. Collective action or garbage heap. And the good news is that the All Powerful System can be brought low over and over by the outside force of a virus. Or bacteria. Which can’t be stopped.

    Meanwhile, Russia and China are working full tilt to satisfy the supply chains of the globe given the current vacuum. By the time the US and Europe wake up it will be too late.

    So do whatever the panic bosses tell you and mostly sit on your asses. While your culture fades away. Because you did nothing. Serves you right.

  2. I’m sorry, but quotations without direct sourcing aren’t allowed here, especially when they seem to echo Russian loyalist talking points.

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