The So Yer Living Outta Yer Car Cookbook

I bought a 15 dollar rice cooker on Amazon a few weeks ago. I literally cannot imagine ever having lived without it. Brown rice is now my staple of choice.

Writers Without Money

So you don’t feel so hot about this civilization thing and want to live on the cheap for a while. Happens to a lot of us. Sometimes in a 20 year old car that’s falling apart. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat shitty road food.

Do better and live better. Two words: rice cooker. I have gotten rid of all other cooking implements, judging them inferior.

Easy to run in the car so long as you have a power inverter to run out of the cigarette lighter.

It’s a device of deceptive simplicity. There’s only one knob: cook or warm. If you have a steamer basket for it you can cook pretty much any vegetables you want in around 5 minutes. If you’re living out of your car, that means going to the grocery store and buying whatever loose vegetables in the grocery store you want to…

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