The So Yer Living Outta Yer Car Cookbook Pt. 2: Seafood Friday

I long for the more innocent days when it was safe to go outside and live in your car. Nevertheless, a rice cooker also works indoors.

Writers Without Money

What I made for dinner tonight. What I made for dinner tonight.

After the astonishing popularity and success of my previous article about my rice cooker and how to cook cheap on the go, it seemed like a waste not to do a second recipe. Tonight’s recipe is inspired by the fact that giant bags of frozen bay scallops were on sale at the grocery store.

So the key to tonight’s recipe is to create a sort of low fat gravy to flavor all the vegetables and especially the scallops. While scallops usually are cooked with butter in a pan, I’ve developed ways to get the most out of them in a rice cooker or similar steaming device.

Most of the ingredients are common and should be in anyone’s house or car.

Recipe #2:

This recipe is mostly done in the stage where the first wave of raw ingredients is initially put in with the rice…

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