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I’ve decided to masturbate one extra time a day in solidarity with front line and essential workers

It makes about as much sense as this. Hilarie Burton is letting her gray hair grow out in solidarity with frontline workers — Page Six (@PageSix) April 29, 2020

Joe Biden and the Me Too Movement

Back in 2017, when the Me Too movement broke on the heels of the widespread accusations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, I wasn’t particularly surprised. Hollywood full of sexual predators? Color me shocked. The next thing you’re going to tell me is that Wall Street is full of crooks and the Catholic Church full […]

The American Presidency as a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

This is a fascinating video about Trump’s history with multi-level marketing schemes. It offers real insight on why Trump has garnered so much loyalty in conservative and evangelical circles. Liberals are looking in all the wrong places. Trump isn’t President because the Russians put him there. He’s President because he was able to leverage a […]

It’s a Bourgeois Town

The local bourgeoisie has discovered water soluble chalk. A few years ago, during Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, chalking the sidewalk often meant that dozens of militarized police would roll up  on you, throw you to the ground, and put you through central booking (before the judge offered the inevitable ACD). But now, […]

A New Jersey Story

So I’m riding my bike down the Kenilworth Boulevard, a broad double-laned highway that runs right through the middle of the compact, little suburb of Kenilworth, New Jersey.  Up ahead are two SUVs, one in the left lane, a white Ford, moving slowly, the other, a black Cadillac Escalade, about 2 feet behind, aggressively tailgating. […]

King of the Jews

It looks like the local Romans are planning a little good Friday’s entertainment. Just make sure you wash your hands so you are innocent of that man’s blood if you go out during the coronavirus pandemic. See you on Sunday.

Vote for Xenophobia to Stop Racism?

The Biden campaign just released a new ad blaming Trump for failing to contain Coronavirus by not being hard enough on the Chinese government.   There’s only one problem. Coronavirus didn’t come to New York, the center of the pandemic in America, from China. It came to New York from Europe (and from New York […]

Not Even Coronavirus can stop Mass Shootings

The deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history just happened. The gunman, identified as Gabriel Wortman, 51, is dead, he said. There was at least one exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki told the CBC late Sunday that 16 people, not including the suspect, died. The death toll makes it […]

After the Warming (1989)

This 1989 British TV show about the origins and consequences of global warming is so good I can hardly believe it’s not better known. James Burke is the Carl Sagan of environmental history. Just watch it. It’s well worth 2 hours of your time.

The Fascists’ Rear Guard

Fascism is an expression of a larger social tendency that, in English language translations of Marx is called “the slaveholders’ revolt.” It is a process by which every couple generations the revolutionary potential of the angry mob is turned in on itself in the hope that the destruction of society is the only hope to […]