It’s a Bourgeois Town

Mountainside, NJ April 2020

I suppose that if they’re going to build condos on your favorite patch of woods it’s just as well a lot of classy rich people buy them. The train to New York is right up the block. The bus to New York is right down the street. But I doubt any of these people are going to take public transportation to their jobs at Goldman Sachs. I wonder if Joe Biden will offer to chauffeur them.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Bourgeois Town”

  1. “Joe Biden Catering” for the horribly rich who don’t know how to cook, and don’t want a hired hand too close. Many politicians are “ready-to-serve”, cooking oil and millions of masks covering faces and lies served cold and hot. The prosperous stop having babies, have all their food served or delivered, while they plan their next “holiday”. The ridiculous idea of being on a vessel with 3000 other “infections” being very intimate, and half are the crew/slaves kissing toes is a punishment for being too special.

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