Vote for Xenophobia to Stop Racism?

The Biden campaign just released a new ad blaming Trump for failing to contain Coronavirus by not being hard enough on the Chinese government.


There’s only one problem. Coronavirus didn’t come to New York, the center of the pandemic in America, from China. It came to New York from Europe (and from New York here to New Jersey).

New research indicates that the coronavirus began to circulate in the New York area by mid-February, weeks before the first confirmed case, and that travelers brought in the virus mainly from Europe, not Asia.

“The majority is clearly European,” said Harm van Bakel, a geneticist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who co-wrote a study awaiting peer review.

So why isn’t the Biden campaign blaming rich white jet setters with condos in Manhattan and beach houses in the South of France? Well, we know why. He works for these people. Drumming up hostility against the Chinese is good for the American arms industry. I suppose Biden is also pretty reluctant to play the Russiagate card. After all, his son got a no work job from the Ukrainian government. The last thing he wants to focus on this fall is Eastern Europe.

I’m also seeing a disturbing number of “Sinophobic but Woke” articles coming from black writers in the United States. I doubt any of this is coordinated. But since the Biden campaign, which was pushed over the top by black voters in South Carolina, is now running a “Yellow Peril” campaign against Trump, it’s certainly no accident. This guy can barely contain his glee that Chinese Americans, who he sees as more “privileged” than black Americans, are being targeted by racists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the one-time stable existence of Chinese Americans and flipped it on its head. The social and economic security they once had in the U.S. has suddenly devolved to one of uncertainty and fear. Walking down a city street on a nice day has a new meaning for our Asian American friends. Occasional looks of disgust greet them as they stroll along their way, minding their own business. They are accosted by random strangers who hurl racial slurs-and in some instances, even violent attacks. People grab their belongings and distance themselves in public, as if they present an immediate danger to their personal safety.

Welcome to the life of a Black person in America.

Needless to say none of this is going to work for the Democrats. Whether or not Biden manages to beat Trump this Fall, he’s not going to do it by crude appeals to Xenophobia. If the voters want racism, they’re going to vote for Trump, not some lame Democratic Party attempt to accuse him of being “soft on China.” Do Bernie Sanders and Noam Chomsky really want me to vote for this?

7 thoughts on “Vote for Xenophobia to Stop Racism?

  1. Bawb Cawx

    Imagine Repubs and Democs both going anti-China, I guess uniting USA into some force against another “empire”, turning world history into “The Great Power Competition” described by a Pentagon spokesperson. Changing competition to Co-operation would change humanity’s direction in a massively different direction – just one word, one “logos” one “idea” like Love instead of Hate, gee , so hard to go there, so easy to “imagine”.

  2. John Thurloe

    I am completely in favour of the Democrats and/or Trump launching hysterical attacks on China. Please continue to harass and offend China. And Russia too. Piss off both powers to the max. Drive them further into strategic unity against the crumbling power of maddened America. And let the whole world see this to be done.

    Of course, the internal factions of the US ruling class intend such campaigns to deliver each advantage over the other in the impending elections. They are both so blindly greedy and stupid that the collateral damage to the United States in the world balance counts for nothing.

    China+Russia see and understand what’s going on. And they are quietly taking action and preparing to take advantage when push comes to shove. Which it will. And other countries and powers know which way the wind is blowing. They too know that China+Russia will prepare and will prevail. So, when the shit hits the fan, the US will be shocked to discover that their power to bully and intimidate others has evaporated.

    Bring it on.

    1. srogouski Post author

      Xi and Putin aren’t in any danger. But Biden’s Yellow Peril campaign is going to mean racist attacks on Asian Americans in the United States. It also gives the ruling class a new way to control the proles through a new bogeyman. Personally I’d rather not see World War III, or even a new series of proxy wars (which will only harm people in the global south).

  3. John Thurloe

    You’re right. Double down bogeymen. The elites are feeling very vulnerable. But they can’t get any traction against China. And the other target is locked down Americans who can and will resist. Not a very good scenario. Plus, the economy going to hell is a major distraction. And with an impending election it will be extremely hard to manage these fake crises. The Chinese in the US are collateral small change.

    1. srogouski Post author

      Sanctions are pretty much useless against the country you outsourced half your manufacturing base to. But I also see the push from both parties to increase tensions with China as a sign the ruling class is now looking for even cheaper sources of labor (Bangladesh, Central America, Philippines).

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