The American Presidency as a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

This is a fascinating video about Trump’s history with multi-level marketing schemes. It offers real insight on why Trump has garnered so much loyalty in conservative and evangelical circles. Liberals are looking in all the wrong places. Trump isn’t President because the Russians put him there. He’s President because he was able to leverage a culture in middle-America that has been built up over decades.

One thought on “The American Presidency as a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme”

  1. When the system does not allow a person to advance by dint of working harder or smarter or by seniority then people are forced into achieving this by means of multi-level ponzi marketing schemes or by chucking their ready money into lotteries. Or the like such as outright criminal conduct. So, austerity grinds down workers earning power and their pay doesn’t increase and benefits and pensions evaporate. It’s get used to it or move into crime/scams. Which undermines the authority of the system and social cohesion.

    Of course, if you are wealthier, you head for Vegas or the stock markets. Anything but productive labour and investment. Which is where the US in now deeply dug in.

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