My Height Added to Trump’s Dick Size

Right wing protesters want to know why “social distancing” means keeping six feet away from other people. I thought the rough guideline was supposed to be my height (I’m 5’11” and about a half, 182 centimeters for you dirty foreigners) added to Trump’s dick size.

I don’t quite get the need for the semi-automatic rifles. Protests at state capital buildings in the Midwest in front of the media are usually pretty safe. The only thing I can imagine is that he’s planning on shooting the virus if the virus ever gets too close. Viruses are usually pretty small, but I guess he bought a really high powered microscopic scope at Cabela’s before Obama got around to making them illegal. American Virus Sniper! USA! USA! USA!

But just to be fair to my inbred, redneck cracker fellow Americans, and show that I’m not a bi-coastal elitist snob, I suppose I should point out  that liberals on social media seem to think that the protest was organized by “pro-Assad” agents from Russia.

To be honest, I don’t quite know why Gretchen Whitmer is allowing these obviously moronic “open-carry” demonstrations to go on in the middle of a pandemic. The police in New York City ban protests all the time for reasons of “public safety.” It all feels like professional wrestling, like a big circus. Whitmer (the daughter of the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield), who’s probably going to be Biden’s Vice Presidential pick, probably wants to let the Democratic Party base know how much Trump supporters hate her guts. In any event, she’s putting the Capitol police, and other state employees, in East Lansing in danger. The right wing (and obviously astroturfed) protesters, in turn, want everybody to know that it’s not the President, or the virus, or the virus currently sitting in the White House, who’s infringing on our “liberties,” but Democratic governors.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of New York has been accused of “antisemitism” for telling ultra-orthodox Jews to stay inside.

There’s no way to read your tweet from Tuesday night in an exculpatory fashion. Here it is: “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.”

In other words, DeBlasio is doing exactly what Gretchen Whitmer should be doing herself, getting the morons off the streets, and everybody’s calling him a Nazi.Can we really blame either the rednecks in Michigan or the Hasidics in Brooklyn for not taking the pandemic seriously enough? The politicians and the media are treating it all like it’s one big opportunity to grandstand and to attack their ideological enemies.

I really have to get around to investigating whether my grandmother makes me eligible for Lithuanian citizens (relax liberals, Lithuanians hate Russians). The USA USA USA has just gotten too stupid.

3 thoughts on “My Height Added to Trump’s Dick Size

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  2. John Thurloe

    I understand why some people carry firearms at these protests. Though I don’t much like these types. It’s simply that the capitalist state can’t be permitted a monopoly on the right to force. As in Marx saying at bottom the state is guarded by a body of armed men. As in the right wing shit itself in the 1960’s when Panthers appeared in public with guns or when the southern slavocrats pissed themselves at the sight of black Union regiments.

    The whole Covidiot strategy is plainly corrupt, stupid and worthless. See Mike Whitney today – a good leftist economist – showing that Sweden’s regulated way of allowing antibody based herd immunity is the only good strategy. Because how else will a population develop the immune capability to deal with a second, third round of this or any mutated pathogen? Or the next pathogen?

    Which brings us back to guns and an armed population. Because if the fuck ass liberals and their garbage state use the cops to force us to doom and ruin then the resistance will need guns. Lots of guns. And in the US at least, people have a lot of guns. And that is the one Big Thing that scares the beejeepers out of the elites. That folks might get riled up to use those guns and then hang the rich from lampposts.

    1. srogouski Post author

      The real problem with a lot of those gun toting right wingers is that in spite of what they say they don’t see themselves as a check upon the state, but as auxiliaries for the state. Most of them don’t want to fight the cops. They want to “help” the cops (round up immigrants or bash hippies and “antifa” seems to be the new right wing term for “dirty hippie”).

      I think it’s very important in the United States when you’re debating conservatives always to ask what they mean by “government.” Do they mean the local police? They rarely do. For reasons that go back to the Civil War and the turn of the Democratic party in the 1960s against racial segregation they usually mean “the federal government.” They almost always support the local sheriff.

      This circus in Michigan isn’t a conflict between the people and the government. It’s a conflict between two branches of government, Democratic controlled state governments and Trump. Trump’s calling out the right wing grass roots to “liberate Michigan” and Whitmer and the Democrats are using it to rile up their base against the “Russian backed terrorists.”

      Some of the same people accusing DeBlasio of antisemitism for ordering the Hasidics off the street are now calling for Whiter to clear the Tea Partiers away from the Michigan Capital. Why? DeBlasio endorsed Bernie and the establishment want him gone. Whitmer is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Heiress with ties to the elites.

      It’s professional wrestling, not revolution.


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