Brave New Normal (Part 2)

I personally disagree with the idea that the threat of Covid-19 is inflated. It’s already killed almost 100 people in my town (admittedly most over 80 and in nursing homes). But there’s no question that the ruling class is going to use the crisis as an excuse to institute a new form of authoritarianism. I’m also a little skeptical of the media’s demonization of right wight protesters. It wasn’t the gun toting hillbillies in Michigan who spread the virus. It was wealthy New Yorkers going to their Summer homes. If you want a vision of the future, it’s not a boot stamping on a human face forever. It’s a man wearing a mask driving alone in a giant SUV opening his iPhone to use the “Stay Safe App” to report his “necessary grocery shopping” to the local police.

Consent Factory, Inc.

My columns haven’t been very funny recently. This one isn’t going to be any funnier. Sorry. Fascism makes me cranky.

I don’t mean the kind of fascism the corporate media and the fake Resistance have been desperately hyping for the last four years. God help me, but I’m not terribly worried about a few hundred white-supremacist morons marching around with tiki torches hollering Nazi slogans at each other, or Jewish-Mexican-American law clerks flashing “OK” signs on TV, or smirking schoolkids in MAGA hats.

I’m talking about actual, bona fide fascism, or totalitarianism, if you want to get technical. The kind where governments declare a global “state of emergency” on account of a virus with a 0.2% to 1% lethality (and that causes mild, flu-like symptoms, or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, in over 97% of those infected), locks everyone down inside their homes, suspends their constitutional rights, terrorizes them with…

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3 thoughts on “Brave New Normal (Part 2)

  1. Bawb Cawx

    I’m feeling a little “conspiracy theory” of USA/China “conflict” being used to generate that old “us vs them” mentality by the authoritarian paternalistic old men like Trump and Biden. Geez, why are these old guys still working, and who wants them? I’m 68, retired, with some health issues. I am “fearful” of covid-19 in Montreal that is not doing well – at least by the numbers I have seen (optimistic, new cases falling in last 4 days). I’m “laying low”, wearing a mask. We are starting to re-open. With a lot of deaths of “seniors”, there will eventually be “less seniors”. So numbers will fall, it may become simply like the flu, but life expectancy will go down (it already has decreased in USA).

  2. John Thurloe

    “Evidence” has little influence when people are in the grip of a Tobacco Science hysteria.

    But they do change their minds. This fall, conveniently just before the elections, one or several seasonal pathogens will go spreading itself about. There will be a clamour for a renewed lockdown. A great many folks that were faithful to this will recoil at the danger of a fresh round of ruin.

    Democrats will favour a new lockdown. Trump will resist and those who cannot tolerate this will viscerally line up with him.

  3. Fränkie B

    I came to this article by a link from one of our independent (online) media here in Germany. And believe me, it is really a big relief for me to see someone from the US writing the TRUTH about that hoax! The facts are all on the table, we just would need to grab them….
    Rubikon, another german independent media, put together a file with statements of over 250 experts, doctors, etc, mainly from Europe and the US -> (sorry for german language).

    The good thing is, now there is a big thing going one here in our small country; a lot of people are (now) really pissed and go out on demonstrations to claim for their civil rights – in almost all cities over the country. And again, being alone in Europe with standing up, and showing resistance, is really weird; to get the feeling that at least in the US there is a similar movement makes my day.
    However, reading the multi comments on the article, where you guys share your thoughts on whats (really) going on, made me think about the last weeks of activities in our groups and communities. We mostly stopped sharing the same thinks and stories and thoughts… and began to create actions groups, also think tanks, if you will. Even a new political party was born (Widerstand2020), and we now have over 110000 members in just two weeks. The system attacked that activity, blocked and attacked the webpage, etc.

    All I want to say is, we, the people, need to connect; not only in one country (small Germany ;-)), but all over the planet! We are a huge number of people being awake and critical!
    The thing is, I am not a blogger, or political activist, or similar. So the question and request here is: What can WE do to connect? It’s all up to us, the people…


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