I’d write in Genghis Khan


I personally am sick to death of having to choose between white men.

On a more serious note, the choice in 2020 isn’t between George W. Bush and Hitler. It’s between George W. Bush and Pat Buchanan, between a neoconservative party of the Wall Street elite and a right wing populist party of  cultural conservatives and sun belt capitalists. I suppose Biden is slightly to the left of where Bush (a fundamentalist Christian) was on social issues, but honestly not that far left. He voted consistently for the Hyde Amendment when he was in the Senate. He wrote the Patriot Act. He was one of the architects of mass incarceration. Forget about socialism. Currently, the United States doesn’t even have a bourgeois liberal party, just two right wing extremist fronts for the oligarchs and the military industrial complex.

Genghis Khan/Subutai 2020: If you’re going to make me vote for a mass murderer, he might as well be the best.

5 thoughts on “I’d write in Genghis Khan”

  1. So if a gay, black woman heads up Murder, Inc. the regime leopard will just meekly roll over and change it’s spots? It’s about class and politics. If Donald Duck were right on this score he would deserve support.

    Any party that says your choice is limited to choosing one or another of bad choices is part of the problem not part of the solution. And that party is on the take.

    Michael Moore has redeemed himself by his recent expose on green capitalists. Who are on the take.The choice is none of the above. Of course the liberals-on-the-take are howling.

      1. Times were better in the days party boss machine rule. At least some boyo would give you some cash or load you up with free drinks in exchange for voting three times.

  2. You could change “The Art of War” to the Fart of War, but it would be censored for “rude language”, so a manual for assaulting civilization is fine, but ya’ just can’t fart anywhere

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