The Bastille has Fallen

Well, one petty little Bastille in Minneapolis.

It’s a start I guess. But with the number of agents provocateurs I’ve been reading about having infiltrated the protests in Minneapolis, this could mean anything. I suppose the governor’s going to send in the National Guard. I have no idea what the Minnesota National Guard is like. Back in the 1960s, most state national guards were all made up of rich kids, far right wing draft dodgers like George W. Bush. These days, I suppose it’s just people in it for the part time job training. In any event, things are spiraling out of control faster than even I had imagined. What these means for the Presidential election — will there be a Presidential election? — is anybody’s guess.

But you’d be naive if the Republicans won’t exploit this incident to try to dampen turnout among Biden’s upper-middle-class, professional base in the suburbs.

1 thought on “The Bastille has Fallen

  1. John Thurloe

    Nice to see things are back to normal. Virus crap vanishes from CNN. The whole world is watching. It’s going to be very hard to sustain continued lockdown mania after this incident. Of course some cops somewhere else will beat up someone more and that will feed the fires. This is a really sour end to the lockdown. Everyone will now proceed to the Really Bad Mood zone. Endless yelling, finger pointing about everything.

    Election time! Oh, boy.


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