Are the Chinese a more benevolent great power than the USA?

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis seems to think so. Here he is schooling some random Karen out of her anti-Chinese hysteria. The Chinese are actually treating the people of the global south better than the Americans are.

It’s something to keep in mind as the Trump regime tries to foment conflict over Hong Kong. At this point, I think, I hope anybody can see the hypocrisy of the American elites. While militarized big city police forces in the USA are beating down protesters, the American media is trying to paint China as the aggressor in Hong Kong. For what it’s worth, I suppose that if Hong Kong wants to become another Singapore rather than part of mainland China they should have a referendum. But the USA should probably stay out of it. We’re not a benevolent superpower. The last thing we should be doing is wagging our finger at the Chinese or the Russians.

14 thoughts on “Are the Chinese a more benevolent great power than the USA?”

  1. I’m all crazy about the “empires” of USA, China and Russia treating the rest of the globe like “colonies” and the rest of the world needing to push back. Mike Pompeo is calling China “authoritarian” with actions at India border. ALL the USA installations in Russian border nations are the USA “authoritarian, paternalistic, white misogyny” being practiced by all the Fascist leaders, Erdogan, Bolsanaro, Modi, etc.

    1. I keep thinking about the classic French movie “The Grand Illusion.” The title comes from a book written in the early 20th Century about how the economic interdependence of Britain, France and Germany made any general European war impossible. We all know how that ended. That fact that the USA and China have such deep economic ties won’t stop a war if the all the leaders are dumb enough.

  2. The backstory is that the economic power of Hong Kong has steadily declined. To the point that it has little influence in the context of the greater Chinese behemoth. Proposals are circulating to fold HK into a regional civil authority.

    The UK is welcome to any number of HK garbage people. Just so long as they depart without one red cent. There’s plenty of other Chinese who will happily take the traitor’s place.

    1. What’s about the “HK garbage people” comment? We don’t like that. You sound like Trump and his “shathole countries”. Are you one of them, too? Genetic research shows that all humans presently on planet earth are the SAME human “species”. You might be right, maybe ALL humans are garbage screwing up the planet…

      1. I’m thinking “garbage people” is the Anglo term for “Gusano”, a rich dirtbag who wants to maintain an oppressive system for his own benefit.

        Think of the wealthy Cuban descendants of slave owners and the mobsters who left Cuba after the revolution, landed in Miami, and proceeded to whine for the next 50 years about how Fidel took their slaves.

        Or think of the wealthy Venezuelans in the USA (the ones that got me banned permanently from Twitter) who are currently agitating for American sanctions on their own country.

        Or think of the far right wing Eastern European Nazi collaborators who sided with the USA against the Soviet Union after the Second World War.

        Yasha Levine has an interesting blog about the “weaponized immigrant” that goes into depth about the phenomenon.

        It’s really hard to respect rich Chinese people in Hong Kong who are agitating for the USA to dismember China. These are the same people who defend a social order where they put nails on the beaches and spikes on the park benches to prevent the homeless from getting a good night’s sleep.

        1. I know that Meng Wanzhou, currently under house arrest in Vancouver, is the CFO of Huawei is a very rich Chinese woman and has TWO mansions in Vancouver, each worth millions. Where did that money come from? Like so many really rich Chinese people are buying real estate around the world. WOW, rich, rich, rich. BUT there must be some “number” of rich Chinese and many who are NOT rich – assembling i-phones I bet doesn’t pay $1000. per hour. So, I avoid “generalizing” and as you say there were SOME of these and SOME of those. Singaporeans are also very authoritarian, they have “dormitories” for foreign workers. “Economic slavery” happens in a lot of places, arranged by the rich elites everywhere. Canada is having problems getting “chicken-catchers” so foreign workers are recruited, but covid-19 is messing up the “immigration” of that cheap labor to help REAL Canadians avoid chicken-catching which MUST be done cheep, cheep, cheep. Sorry, cheep humor, we’re all so sorry for the refugees on the Road to Oblivion, as the Military Industrial Complex practices any where needs blowing up…

          1. The key phrase hear is “currently under house arrest.” Since when is it illegal in North America to be a rich capitalist who exploits workers? The one thing I will give the Chinese ruling class over the American ruling class is they’re not going around the world putting sanctions on every country not under their control and destroying their economies.

            1. There are rich elites in corners all around the world, but they enjoy a common purpose of holding onto their wealth – no matter what. “Disruption” of any “group/socialism” to avoid rising revolutions is a necessary occupation. “You have to dominate” says Donny the Dominator, the Wrestler with Whigs (White High Income Gentlemen) and Chains of Multinationals. Keep ’em down, Keep ’em down, Donald. A game show host at home in the Coliseum, throwing Christians to the lions. You poor “believers” ha ha Donald’s gonna make you losers!

              1. But the Chinese elite currently isn’t trying to destroy the economies of other nations with sanctions and dirty tricks. They’re actually investing. At some point you have to conclude that China is the USA of the Marshall Plan and we Americans are actually the Nazis.

              2. Is “Five Eyes” just “White Guys” who don’t like China? USA today warns Canada not to have Huawei in Canada. “Secret spying by China is a terrible possibility, but of course mere Windows 10 and a whole bunch of American internet services aren’t collecting data and using it against you?? WE all have to challenge ALLL the governments not to start treating people like objects to be controlled – we are getting this “authoritarian” treatment from every gov – it’s like every individual against creeping controllers out to claim you as an “asset” and persons as a “problem” to be controlled – like what the frack is going on????

        2. Gusano. Spoiled, pampered, parasites, privileged. Living off the sweat of the poor, workers. Let the UK have them. They’ll fit right in with their ilk there. HK will be better off without them.

          1. We all have to realize we each have enemies, and without vigilance, your enemies will get you (Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.) Non-violence is a bit of a joke when your enemies just go ahead and kill you….Washington protesters getting a blow-job from a low-flying chopper, but they hold their ground, backs turned, fists raised, Frack You, Donald! No AK-47s in the crowd, If I Had A Rocket Launcher (Bruce Cockburn)…

          2. Gusano from Central casting. These are the people who got me banned from Twitter. I suppose her Hong Kong equivalent would deliver the message in English.

            1. Unfortunately, sticking your neck out and taking a stand exposes you to pushback, with some going right to “enemy” status instead of dialog. Too many persons are too serious about their various “ideals” and they make enemies very easily and approach everyone first as a possible enemy, instead of starting with “How are you, what’s your name, it’s nice to meet you” or something innocuous, like wow, you know? We have to cool down from divisions – remember, some divisions are being created by “higher-ups” who want conflict as a regular distraction from lots of bad intentions.

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