The United States is not a democracy

Yesterday, in Kentucky, there was massive voter suppression. It got so bad that people were banging on the windows to protest their inability to vote. Whether it was the Democratic Governor’s Covid regulations or the Republicans preparing for November doesn’t matter. If this were a scene from Iran or Venezuela, every newspaper in America would be calling for immediate regime change.

(Come to think of it, sending the Marines into Kentucky might not be a bad idea).

In any event, things aren’t looking good for Trump in the polls. So expect a lot more of this in the Fall. If the Republicans can’t win a fair election, they’ll try to steal it the way they did in 2000. My prediction still stands. This November, the Republicans are suddenly going to find that they love social distancing and will close down a majority of the polls “for our safety.” Nancy Pelosi, in turn, will make a point of ripping her mask off in public just before she votes. Going maskless will then become a “badass” feminist statement.

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