Arrest Trump

The Iranian government has issued an arrest warrant for Donald Trump.

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad.

The American corporate media is going to treat this as a joke. After all, the only people who get prosecuted for war crimes are Serbians and Africans. But the Iranians are well within their rights to demand justice against the criminal government that ordered the assassination of one of their top generals. The Democratic Party and the Clinton crime family have demonized Russia for years simply because of an alleged hack of (idiot Boomer) John Podesta’s email. Can you imagine how the American government and media would react if the Iranians ordered the assassination of one of the Join Chiefs of Staff?

So end the double standard between the Global North and the Global South. Someone make a citizens arrests of Trump and lock him up. It would solve (many of the) problems of both Iran and the United States.

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  1. I was amazed that the American press seemed so cavalier about the assassination of Soleimani (I assume that’s the victim you’re referencing). If Trump can order assassinations at will (in the interests of so-called “national security”). what’s to stop him from ordering a drone strike on you or me?

    I”m glad the Iranian government is calling him on it, because no one else seems to be holding him accountable. By calling only for Trump’s arrest, the Iranian government is being kind (and more civilized than its US counterparts).

      1. That’s right. I remember when Obama ordered the strike on Osama bin Laden. He had a room full of people, including Hillary Clinton, watching it on video. I was horrified then and now that the US would sink so low. Whatever happened to the “fair trial”?

        Government-Over-the-People will continue as long as people put up with (and pay for) it.

        1. Speaking of Obama, if you want to take Woodrow Wilson’s name off of the campus of Princeton University then at least repeal the Espionage Act (signed into law by Wilson and revived by Obama to prosecute whistleblowers).

          1. Woodrow Wilson is one of my favorite targets. I’ve read several biographies of him. My impression is that he thought he was the second coming of Christ and believed he was divinely inspired to do what he did, including instituting the income tax, passing the Federal Reserve Act, and getting the US into World War I, as soon as his second term started, after saying he wouldn’t do it. Prohibition also began while he was president, although by then, he may have had his stroke, and his wife was secretly running the show.

  2. So if Trump comes to Canada the Iranian government could apply to have him held, arrested and extradite on the same basis as Canada currently is so proceeding with regards to Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou. That would be most satisfying.

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