No Pain No Gain

Westfield, NJ July 2020

A little social commentary displayed on a house down the street from my gym. I’m confused about whether this is an idealist or a materialist view of the world. The Dream comes from The Pain. The Vision Comes from Dream. So you start out with the physical and then stack one idea (The Vision) on top of another (The Dream). Then you have a collective (“The People”), out of which grows political power and then inevitably change. I suppose it’s all worth trying.

4 thoughts on “No Pain No Gain”

  1. This is very thoughtful, especially the part where it says “The Dream comes from the Pain”. If possible, please check my blog out and critique it. I would love that.

  2. Yeah, but this isn’t going anywhere. It’s a short term fart with no future. Because it’s all about what some people are Against with no programme of what they’re For. Raging while the ship of state sinks. And worse, there is no organizational force or power – a Party with discipline – to bring it about. No glue to hold a movement together. This all manifested spontaneously and will evaporate – under pressure – just as fast.

    America needs a Bolshevik Party and a Lenin and something with a simple unifying vision. Like ‘Peace, Land, Bread’. Instead, it is sliding into barbarism. The torch has been passed to Russia+China. The U.S. is toast

    There wast two cats from Kilkenney
    Each thought there was one cat too many
    So the quarrelled and fit, and scratched and they bit
    Till excepting their nails and the tips of their tails
    Instead of two cats, there weren’t any.

    1. Agreed. The only protest that really had much of an effect was the original in Minneapolis and that mainly because they burned down a police station. The “movement” as a whole was easily coopted by corporate identity politics on one hand and anarchist nihilism on the other.

      Now the Democrats seem to be teeing up Susan Rice as Biden’s VP candidate with this latest story about Russians offering bribes to the Taliban to kill American soldiers. Since a big part of the cause of police brutality stems from this military/police/white supremacist cross pollination the Democratic Party’s intention to run far to the right of Trump on foreign policy is only going to make things worse.

  3. The Saker, today:

    “These minorities are very good at hating and destroying, but don’t count on them to ever come up with constructive solutions – it ain’t gonna happen.”

    It’s the Democrats that will employ military force. But the time is past when they can get away with this. The world has turned against the weakened U.S. Russia+China will resist because they can.

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