Nazi Monuments in Canada?

A few months ago I reviewed a Michael Powell film called the 49th Parallel, where he dramatized Canadians of German descent rejecting attempts by Hitler’s agents to recruit them into the Nazi Cause. Well it turns out to have been more complex than Powell’s great but admittedly propagandistic film. After the Second World War, the Canadian government went out of its way to recruit Ukrainian fascists, mostly, it seems, to break unions in the mining industry. Canada even has officially sanctioned monuments to the Waffen SS.

Graffiti spray-painted on a monument to Nazi soldiers in a small Canadian city is being investigated by police as a hate crime – a move that has prompted disbelief among human rights advocates.

Around 21 June, the words “Nazi war monument” were spray-painted on to a cenotaph commemorating soldiers in the 14th SS Division in an Ontario cemetery, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

It’s stuff like this that makes me so wary of Russiagate, and how much power the Ukraine Lobby has gotten over the Democratic Party in the United States. Sure, Russia is a corrupt, right-wing capitalist oligarchy (kind of like the United States), but every time I look at social media and see gangs of shrieking banshees calling for more sanctions on Russia it makes my bullshit detector go off. For the love of God let’s not replace the influence of the Israel Lobby (which itself replaced the right wing China Lobby) with the influence of the Ukraine or Saudi lobby.

It also seems that one of the most powerful politicians in Canada is the granddaughter of a Ukrainian collaborator.

When asked at a press conference on March 6 about the allegations that her maternal grandfather was a Nazi collaborator, Chrystia Freeland, newly appointed Foreign Minister of Canada, former journalist and a writer, a master of words, found only clumsy sentences to deliver what would have earned no more than a ‘C’ in a high school debate class.

“It’s no secret that Russians do not like you and banned you from the country,” began the question. “Recently, there has been a series of articles in pro-Russian websites about you and your maternal grandparents, making accusations that [your grandfather] was a Nazi collaborator. I’d like to get your view—is this a disinformation campaign by the Russians to try to smear you and discredit you, which they have a tendency to do?”

My long standing impression of Canada as the United States with healthcare and without the racism was naive.

Contrast that to how the Canadian government handled a related issue last year when the Russian Embassy in Ottawa tweeted out that, “There are monumets (sic) to Nazi collaborators in Canada and nobody is doing anything about it.”

A monument in Oakville commemorates those who served with the 14th SS Galizien Division. Another monument in Edmonton honors Roman Shukhevych, the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

As my Postmedia colleague Marie-Danielle Smith discovered, the Russian tweet sent bureaucrats at Global Affairs Canada into overdrive as they tried to defend the SS unit and Ukrainian Nazi collaborators. Documents she received through the Access to Information law show government officials were under a lot of pressure from the “Centre” (the Privy Council Office and the Prime Minister’s Office) to counter the news about the monuments to Nazi collaborators. The bureaucrats came up with a strategy. The would label the tweet as “disinformation” and they came up with a plan to spread the word to the news media as part of their efforts to defend Ukraine’s Nazi collaborators.

I guess this is the ideal, not the reality.

21 thoughts on “Nazi Monuments in Canada?”

  1. The Honorable Chrystia Freeland, having been re-elected in Toronto in 2019, is now the “Deputy Prime Minister”, being number two to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. She was very involved in negotiations on the new USMCA to replace NAFTA. Perhaps her ‘popularity” over that was why the scandal-plagued Trudeau has placed her as a foil, creating a “cute” tag team, “feminist-flavored” leadership.

    1. I mean we’re not responsible for what our parents or grandparents do. I’m not responsible for My Lai because my father was in the United States Marine Corps. Then again, I’m not going to start defending Vietnam as a noble cause against the evil commies either. We were the bad guys in that war. Case closed.

      1. I don’t “trust” Minister Chrystia Feeland, as she was part of the original “Lima Group” doing USA mission work on Venezuela. I wrote to her on a number of occasions. My Liberal Member of Parliament, Transportation Minister Marc Garneau has office staff hanging up on my illiberal comments and suggestions – no interest in any “voice of the people”, it’s all about the Sacred Voice of The Government. But Trump sending in troops to Portland sets a new standard.

  2. Mennonites who left the Ukraine in the 1920s were the best targets for Nazi organizers in Canada in the 1930s. Acting under the guise of pro-German cultural groups. One active branch operated in my small town of Kingsville.

    Toronto’s Etobicoke where I grew up was the heartland of Little Ukraine. I went to school with the sons and daughters. I saw little sign that the disease of their parents had passed to them. But the flame of anti-communist race hate burned brightly in the older crowd. You can’t hide this sort o stuff close up. Freeland is one of the few second generation to carry on the old poison. And everything has been well known about her.

    This all persists because the old Ukro-Nazi crowd migrated into the body of the ruling Liberal Party where is has hibernated as a parasite. Freeland is their Great White Hope. She has pushed things to the right for sure but Liberals, being what they are, could drift that way all by themselves. As a matter of fact, the fake-left NDP is pretty much as bad so it’s all gone to Hell up here.

    Destroying the economy and imposing lockdown hysteria will knock them all back a long ways.

    1. I’m currently debating some Lithuanian Nazis on YouTube about whether or not the Germans were their “liberators” from the commies in 1941. They tried the sophistic “Lithuania never had a Waffen SS” line on me and I reminded them that collaborators also killed their entire Jewish population. They didn’t really like it when I reminded them that technically I’m eligible for Lithuanian citizenship since my paternal grandmother was born in the country. They were like “never move here you could never learn the language anyway.” What really struck me about them is just how similar their Russophobia was to the typical American liberal’s (who have been coopted by neocons and the Ukraine lobby).

      1. I worked underground in the Porcupine gold mines when I was young. My partner, who was much older, told me stories – deep in his cups – of his wartime exploits in the SS and his eventual shame for this. He was Lithuanian.

        Maybe your lot can’t read or are just bluffing. The SS under the RSHA was a very complex organization. Men served under a great many commands. From the Baltics there were not enough to form regular Waffen-SS units. That hardly mattered! For a better understanding refer to the English translation entitled The Kindly Ones by J. Littell.

        1. I think the issue was whether or not the Lithuanian SS would fight outside of Lithuanian borders. The Lithuanian collaborators wanted to stay at home and kill Jews near the Baltic. The Germans wanted to send them to Stalingrad.

          Oddly enough, my paternal Grandmother, who had been born in Lithuania, hated antisemitism and had a pretty typical American anti-black kind of racism. I suppose it can be attributed to the fact that she came to the USA before she was 5 years old and grew up in Brooklyn.

        1. Unsurprisingly Russiagate helped embolden the Canadian Nazis.

          But this didn’t happen under normal circumstances. It happened during the three-year orgy of Russiagate, when accusations of doing Putin’s bidding were hurled with abandon in the media. In this miasma, ultranationalist accusations became an extraordinarily effective weapon, deployed to smear anyone who dared speak out.

          The Russia factor transformed a clear case of anti-Semitism into a debatable affair. Western outlets churned out insipid articles framing the issue as a Russia story while allowing that perhaps those glorifying Holocaust perpetrators had valid points. A common argument is that Shukhevych and others were honored for fighting the Soviets, not slaughtering Jews. Osama bin Laden also fought against Moscow; should we erect statues celebrating his efforts?

  3. There are ever more places – regions, locales, countries – that have become de-classed, lumpenized. The dominant axes are sectoral and local culture fights endlessly around things tribal, religious, ethnic. There’s no solution, no path leads out in these areas. Just endemic fighting, bloodshed. Trotsky wrote about this dynamic as it infected Ireland and Palestine. In the U.S. gender might become a disgusting lumpen novelty.

    Eastern Europe is one very unpromising region of permanent blood feuds, mafia ethnics, hate for no reason and never any light at the end of the tunnel. The Stalinists ruined working class unity and socialism so the fight tends to be between revanchist nationalism and fifth column pro-American parasites. The ass hole of Europe from which no light emerges. They will stab themselves to death and live in misery until some outside power steps in.

    1. Co-operation Competition
      + Compassion —————
      ——————- > Division
      = Unity +Separation
      = Discord
      This Whole Planet Is The Promised Land,
      For every child, woman and man.

      “We must hold our nerve and not contract
      into what arises, but simply allow it to pass
      through” Rob Preece in magazine “Snow Lion”
      I know it sounds like crazy hope, “try a little emptiness”
      in a Buddhist style, Let It Go.

    2. “The Stalinists ruined working class unity and socialism so the fight tends to be between revanchist nationalism and fifth column pro-American parasites. “

      Neoliberalism vs. reactionary nationalism, which is the same political division we have in the Untied States.

  4. The graphic got screwed up: Co-operation Plus Compassion Equals Unity, which is Greater Than Competition Divided by Division Plus Separation Equal Discord.
    You made me do this, John, it’s all your fault, thanks for inspiration.Here’s my latest rant:
    UN has a Committee related to Decolonization – there are still 17 nations seeking “self-government”. The newly emerging conflict between USA and China involves what the USA Pentagon calls a “Great Power Competition”, being described as the “empire” of USA against the rising power of the emerging Chinese “empire”. So we see lesser “developing” countries choosing which empire will be their “ally” and USA and China are supporting various countries as either USA or Chinese allies. This is dividing the world into much to be deplored, “new nationalisms” and conflicts arise. Many observers (Graham Allison “Destined for War”, Kishore Mahbubani “Has China Won?”) see a dark future as Trump’s “trade war” with China builds decisions. (The “5G Battle” to omit China’s Huawei from “the West” continues to heat up) As a Canadian, I have watched “decolonization” since my birth in 1951 sweep the globe as all the old European empires deflated with much work by UN in promoting independence in many places. We all thought independence was a part of “freedom” that everyone has a “right” to. That was made apparent by USA independence from the British Empire, and USA has continued to claim that USA leads the world towards democratic rights obtained by force (if necessary). Since 1945, USA has been ascendant in becoming a global leader. USA also sought to obtain “dominance” in many nations, guaranteeing markets and accessibility to resources. Noam Chomsky, and more recently Chris Hedges have written extensively on Imperialism of USA. The “trouble” between USA and China is obvious. (Russia is also involved in a minor way, perhaps joining China in challenging USA) What do these powers want? Unfortunately, they want “The Rest Of The Planet”. As a Canadian, I have to understand that my country is a vassal state of USA – we are “attached” intimately to USA, with a long border between us. Canada cannot pretend to “defend” itself against USA in any way, our small population cannot support a military force big enough to rival USA. Our best defense is “going along to get along”, avoiding as many disagreements as possible. We made a new NAFTA agreement, USMCA, but we have tripped up over Canada’s arrest of Chinese national, Meng Wanzhou, for an extradition request from USA.
    It is very evident to me that the United Nations of this planet is in great danger of a large conflict arising from a “neo-colonialism” being forced upon 191 countries to bend one way or another, or face “consequences” from these pretenders of “Imperial Majesty”. The one solution that should be evident to humans who know of old, DEAD empires is that NO empire will make the world a better place – humanity must resist ALL expansionist “game-players” – put down every empire rearing its ugly head, like putting down a revolution, and all countries MUST band together in order NOT to be squeezed into hapless “resource centers” for marauding empires.
    In Conclusion, I wish to address the UN General Assembly in September on this issue of “neo-colonialism”. From studying some UN history, I see that “Decolonization” has a whole department, working over many years. Apparently, the work must continue into a new phase of saving humanity from abusive empires coming to get us.

    1. Any kind of a war with China would be suicidal. They make up probably a majority of the industrial capacity in the USA and they have a vast surplus of 18-30 year old men (a holdover from the one child policy).

      1. I’m not worried about USA winning or losing against China, BUT do you suppose they would have little “proxy wars”, like using Canada and other countries (avoiding conflicts in their native lands)? The two empires are the Bullies and the Rest Of The Planet would be victims. That’s how “glorious” those movies about the British Aristocracy and their grand estates run by lowly economic slaves show a few winners, like the 1% today. The Romans also had “The Good Life” for the rich (with actual unpaid slaves, like the Greeks) (persons “captured” in war). Graham Allison in “Destined For War” writes up a lot of military history from Thucydides. The bet is that a rising empire creates tensions leading to conflict – in most of 16 historical clashes.

        1. It will be immensely destructive for the majority of the American and Chinese people and kill a lot of people wherever they decide to have their superpower proxy war.

          Anybody who advocates war (cold or hot) between the USA, Russia and or China is a traitor to the human race. All three countries should be getting together to dismantle their nukes and stop global warming.

          1. Better to scramble the UN, create an “Insecurity” council of the eight nuclear-armed countries and sanction those eight by ALL other countries. WHO is going to be “the Boss”? Organized large group of Planetary Citizens needs to counter power plays by these neo-colonial forces, USA, China and Russia, but I guess “Multinational Corporations” are part of the problem, too. Top players in China like Huawei and the “oligarchs” running Russia and Big Money In USA seem determined to wreck the planet.

  5. There must and will be kinetic military action. The U.S. will push to make it so as they long have. But Russia alone and already has the power to neutralize the American military. By the fact that it, Russia has in place a missile and air defence system of such effectiveness as been heretofore not seen. And the U.S. military knows it. The Russians can knock down more than enough of whatever the U.S. throws at it. And the U.S. has no air or missile defences.

    So, if the US nutbars were to launch off, soon enough the Russians will be able to demand that they power down or be destroyed. Maybe a small demonstration. Washington would be good. Scuttle your ships, burn your aircraft or we will do it.

    In only a few years more China will add their massive weight on the scales. But the U.S. will attack whatever. So, it’s only the scenario for how the U.S. military is permanently removed from this planet. There is no scenario that the U.S. will turn peaceful. Russia has understood this from the day Putin took office and has well planned for this event.

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