A Very Brief Thought On the Shooting in Wisconsin

So a 17-year old wannabe cop from Illinois named Kyle Rittenhouse crosses the state line into Wisconsin, and opens fire at a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, killing two people and seriously injuring a third.

In my opinion, the key event that led to the election of Donald Trump as President was the Sandy Hook Massacre of 2012. The conspiracy theories that immediately followed were essentially a statement by conservatives that seizing power was more important than truth, that reality, even the gruesome reality of a maniac charging into a grade school and massacring innocent children, didn’t matter. Liberals, in turn, who if you remember controlled the White House in 2012, backed down from the obvious responsibility to dismantle the large stockpiles of weapons in the hands of right wing extremists. Now it’s too late, not only for sensible gun control but for truth itself. Even as right wing extremists murder Black Lives Matter protesters in the streets, the Democrats consider the idea that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should stand for anything except not being Donald Trump as childish indulgence and irresponsible white privilege.

Some future history book will probably have a chapter titled:

“The Presidential Election of 2020: A Commitment to Lies Versus a Commitment to Nothing.”


40 thoughts on “A Very Brief Thought On the Shooting in Wisconsin”

  1. In the video available, Rittenhouse is clearly violently attacked and one person is openly carrying a firearm. Since the state allows civilians to go about armed it’s neither surprising nor unreasonable that Rittenhouse would employ his weapon against a perceived threat. It remains to be seen if this use of force was excessive. Could just as easily have been a protester acting in self defence against a cop. Police misconduct fuels the fires. No party can have confidence in them. In neighbourhoods and workplaces, people should organize their own security forces, patrol, provide for safety. To prevent loose cannons – Organize!

    For Pete’s sake.

    1. organize their own security forces, patrol, provide for safety.

      That’s exactly what Rittenhouse claimed to be doing in the interview recorded shortly before the shootings. The very last thing I want is private militias running around with guns claiming to be “protecting order.”

      The funny thing is if Rittenhouse had had a six pack of beer and a Black Lives Matter shirt, the cops would have carded him and arrested him on sight. He would have spent the night in jail and been back home with his parents the next day. But since he had an AR-15 and was perceived to be pro-cop by the cops the cops looked the other way and let him walk around playing soldier. Now he’s probably going to be spending the rest of his life in jail.

  2. I agree with you that this vigilante – for that’s what he demonstrably is – provides himself with an unacceptable alibi .His opinions have no standing against the weight of forensic evidence. It is a wrong thing to permit partisan perspective to obscure objective analysis. You see what you wanna see… That’s a liberal reflex. A revolutionary knows that challenging situations will present. Suspend judgment until there is sufficient evidence to sustain an opinion.

    I well remember Rodney King and your remarks are spot on.

    One of the things that moderates police is knowing the populace are armed. I remember when armed blacks appeared in public in California in the 60s. If people armed and disciplined organized to provide protection for their communities and workplaces then that would replace police. Just do it. Boots on the ground makes it so.

    There’s probably a lot of professional boyos hanging around Belfast looking for work.

    1. I disagree. In the United States I think the police are more extreme, mostly because they know they can count on a lot of right wing vigilantes to back them up in a crisis.

      As for the left being armed and disciplined, what left? What people? A heavily armed left would only break down into factions of heavily armed rivals. How long before people start getting shot for using the wrong pronouns or for refusing to do the black power gesture at an outdoor cafe? I don’t trust my own side with AR-15s anymore than I trust white supremacist vigilantes, or the cops.

      I suppose in the end it’s karma. The USA is turning into Iraq. To be more accurate, the USA is turning into what Iraq became after the United States military destroyed the Iraqi state and the Iraqi infrastructure.

  3. I agree there is no ‘Left’ much to organize. Didn’t argue that. But neighbourhoods and workplaces are suitable venues for people to organize civil defence. In place of the corrupt police and to curtail right wing loose cannons.

    As the credibility and authority of police crumbles there will a vacuum created. Best if this is smartly filled with locally organized people. Otherwise it will call forth Der FrieKorps.

    1. Without a left or a labor movement “civil defense” is only going to make the existing class system stronger. In the United States at least, upper-middle-class people are very well organized. They have clubs. They organize to defend their “good schools” against “those people.” They have non-profits, charity organizations, private tutors for their kids. They can easily buy a few guns and hire private security goons.

      The working-class, on the other hand, is socially isolated. They have no idea how to organize simply because they don’t have time. Their lives are organized by bosses, social workers, teachers, and above all cops. They can’t really afford guns let alone private security forces. Part of the reason the left falls into factional infighting so easily is that the working class has never been trained to suppress petty differences and look towards a larger goal (the way fraternities and college organizations teach the upper middle class). So groups like Occupy Wall Street easily splinter along petty differences or even more commonly into squabbles about who gets to control the money from the Go Fund Me.

      If we become more like Iraq, where everything is organized around sectarian militias, the rich are only going to get richer and the poor are only going to get poorer. A big part of the problem with the cops now is that they’re pretty much the local class armies/militias for the bourgeoisie. Just changing their name to “civil defense organization” in the long run won’t make much difference.

      The one thing the Sanders campaign really had was the ability to organize. It’s why in the end it was so much more important than the Greens (who do little more than show up every four years, put out a checklist of left positions, and demand your vote). People were being trained to canvas, phone bank, fundraise. They were building cross racial and cross socioeconomic communities. It’s why the corporate elite was so determine to demonize Sanders’s followers and destroy his movement.

      1. We do not have an disciplined Left to organize defence at present. Agreed. But how do we build one? Through action. The force of Necessita. The things we do under pressure.

        U.S. Grant famously dressed down the the timid McLellenite generals of his day. “Stop being paralyzed by all the shortcomings of your side and focus on how bad things re for your opponents”.

        The cops are weak and vulnerable. No right wing militias of any consequence have emerged. So maybe get the fuck off your asses and start holding meetings, gathering money, supplies. Who did you think was going to come to your rescue?

        Your advice is one of defeatism. Give up. We’re not able or worthy. ‘The English are too many’. Default to the cops. Again. Always and forever, capitulate. Why is there not confidence in strength? May as well give it your best shot as all the alternatives are worse.

        1. I’m not being defeatist so much as arguing that guns won’t magically transform an unorganized, undisciplined mob into an organized left. The very last thing we need is to imitate the right wing’s fetish, and get people killed for no reason. I simply don’t think the left, or whatever masquerades as the left is ready for “armed struggle.”

          Americans are simultaneously the best armed and the most politically passive people in the western world.

          Speaking of those McClellanite generals, one of them, Ambrose Burnside, was a master of half-baked, ill-thought out offensive warfare. At Antietam he led multiple charges across a narrow bridge without sufficiently scouting the river below, which was shallow enough to be forded. At Fredericksburg, he ordered waves of futile attacks against a strongly entrenched Confederate position on the high grand, leading to one of the most lopsided defeats the Union Army ever suffered. Late in the war, at the Battle of the Crater, he planned an elaborate underground demolition of the Confederate trenches using high explosive packed into tunnels beneath their lines and failed to follow it up with a well-organized offense, leading to the last big defeat of the war.

          But he did his most lasting damage to his country after the war was over. In 1871, he founded the National Rifle Association. He came away from the war with the idea that the best way to prevent another one was to make sure that people in the north who lived in cities got as much training in firearms as people in the south who lived in rural areas. He never seemed to understand that the north won because it had a bigger population, a more diverse economy and more European immigrant manpower. Robert E. Lee’s army never ran out of guns and ammunition. They surrendered when they ran out of food.

          (To be fair, under Burnside it wasn’t the right-wing extremist organization it later became.)

    2. Biden losing wouldn’t mean “the end of democracy” in the United States as a lot of his supporters are arguing. That ended a while ago with Bush vs. Gore.

      But it will mean the end of any electoral path for the left to organize politically since the left will be attacked/suppressed by two powerful groups. First, the Democratic corporate elite will blame Biden’s loss on the left and accuse it of being supported by Russia. So they’ll not only do everything possible to destroy what’s left of Bernie’s followers in the Democratic Party they’ll collude with neoconservative Republicans to pass laws making third parties all but illegal.

      While all that’s going on Trump will still be in power stirring up resentment against “antifa” and pumping out conspiracy theories to groups like QAnon. You’ll have right wing militias attacking protesters in the streets.

      So the Democratic elites will close down the electoral path for the left and Trump will close down the option of protest/direct action.

  4. There aren’t any ‘right wing militias in the streets’. The Right is just as lazy and incompetent as the Liberals are when it comes to street action. The Police remain the largest gang of organized criminals. The actual numbers of people involved in continuous street action from both side is pathetically small. Most people can’t even get it up to howl on Facebook. For a brief time many folks came out to protest marches. And then they went right back home to some pizza and beers. They need to be punished much more. Which deservedly, will occur.

    The Left will never be re-constituted by rightward moving burnouts. But socialism has what the reactionary right and liberals do not have. A positive vision of a future and a viable way to get to it. American liberals have nothing on offer. Not even universal health care or an end to foreign wars. So, it’s Socialism or Barbarism. Chuck the deadwood and build with fresh forces.

    Noting the current polls, Democrats must be soiling themselves at the thought of losing. Again.

    1. But socialism has what the reactionary right and liberals do not have. A positive vision of a future and a viable way to get to it.

      In theory that would be great. But the current round of BLM protests are motivated by a narrow brand of black nationalism in alliance with corporate neoliberal Democrats. There is no real vision beyond “I want reparations sometime in the distant future but first let’s make Kamala Harris President.” The ease with which Obama shut down the Bernie movement and the NBA players strike strongly hints that social change won’t come from the United States. The way so many white (and black) Americans are willing to let so many Bush era war criminals back into the mainstream indicates that while (black American bourgeois) lives matter, Iraq, Palestinian and Yemeni lives don’t mean shit.

      1. I think you misread my remark. A Real Left can advance a positive programme. Which is known as a Transitional Program. What you cite is just dead end liberal crap and on that I completely agree.

        1. At this present moment in history, the polarization in the USA is black nationalism vs. white nationalism.

          In 2008, the bankers needed white nationalism (the Tea Party) to to keep themselves out of jail. True, Obama was unlikely to prosecute (even to the extend the Reagan administration prosecuted the S&L crooks not named John McCain) but there was still an enormous well of anger they had to divert in a reactionary, even fascist direction.

          In 2016, the health insurance industry needed black nationalism (and to some extent feminism) to derail any progress towards Medicare for All. That bore fruit in South Carolina this year, when James Clyburn and Obama sold the idea that if black voters stopped Bernie and single payer healthcare there *might* be reparations some time in the distant future.

          So here were are in a bad historical place and there’s not much I can do about it other than being a white guy selling copies of some Marxist Leninist newspaper at Black Lives Matter rallies.

    2. Noting the current polls, Democrats must be soiling themselves at the thought of losing. Again.

      Right. It seems as if the Democrats had a plan to beat Bernie but no plan to beat Trump. I still think Biden will win because of Coronavirus but all that means is that he’s going to be left holding the bag for the corporate bailouts and the depression. It’s a bit like being made Captain of the Titanic after it hits the iceberg. And of course if he loses it means we’re going to here about Russia for another four years and the final takeover of the Democrats by Bush/Cheney neocons.

  5. I agree that the Democratic strategy is to keep low and run out the clock figuring Trump will self-destruct. They don’t have a plan B. The longer Democratic lockdowns occur the more Trump benefits from fatigue. All Trump has to put out is “A vote for Biden means you’ll be locked down forever”. That’s the election right there. You’re broke, unemployed can’t go anywhere or do anything. Blame it on the Democrats.

    Of course a zillion other things are in play so things could go in any direction.

    1. You’re broke, unemployed can’t go anywhere or do anything. Blame it on the Democrats.

      Right. Trump is simultaneously going to see the idea that Democrats are responsible for the lockdown along with the idea that Covid-19 is making it too dangerous to vote in the swing states. His moronic base won’t see the contradiction and they’ll accuse anybody who points it out of working for Soros. But will it be enough? I honestly don’t think the Republicans want to win this year. They want the Democrats holding the bag for the recession so they can make a comeback in 2024 with an even more reactionary program.

    2. Somehow the most ironically appropriate outcome would be if both Biden and Trump died of Covid before election day and we got a race between Pence and Harris, neither of whom has ever won an election at the national level or a state primary. The ruling class would be perfectly happy with either and the “people” would easily convinced that voting against Pence means you hate white people and voting for Harris means you hate black people (and women).

  6. It used to be that Americans expressed themselves politically through purpose built organizations, factions, tendencies, each with a programme and leaders. What is striking in the current situation is that all this is not present. There are no parties or groups of any significance giving voice and leadership and coherence to the grievances of blacks. Ditto for hispanics, Asians and the White Trash. Where is there a MLK or Black Panthers, Tea Party or Klan, Chavez or AIM?

    All gone. Dead, co-opted, burned out. OK, generations burn out but fresh forces emerge. But not now and here. People are more pissed off than ever but they are not finding a path to throw up the organizational power to concentrate their purposes. When blacks have to throw up Jesse Jackson to speak for them, something is very wrong. No disrespect to Jesse.

    So, don’t be so dismissive about the weakened state of the Real Left. They may be small but they value organizing and history shows that when those seeds remain, things can develop rather quickly.

    What has interceded to usurp the impulse to self organize has been the rise of monopoly fake-news media and the paralyzing dead end of pervasive social media. That, and the crushing power of age, crap food, toxic medicine and a filthy environments. Making Americans so fat, stupid and lazy that they accede helplessly to the media driven bullshit of a faked up pandemic virus. A handy tool for the elites to keep folks divided and alone except through the controlled portals of crap social media.

    1. People are more pissed off than ever but they are not finding a path to throw up the organizational power to concentrate their purposes.

      This sounds like the “mass politics” Hannah Arendt described in The Origins of Totalitarianism. People lose all connection to traditional institutions, either left like social democratic parties, or right like the Catholic church, and become an undifferentiated mass easily manipulated from above.

      So not surprisingly you have right wing extremist organizations like the NRA promoting conspiracy theories from above like the idea that “the Sandy Hook Massacre was staged by Obama to promote gun control” and laying the groundwork for genuinely fascist movements like QAnon.

      On the left you have the corporate Democrats doing everything possible to undermine or outright destroy democratic organizations like ACORN or the Sanders movement and funneling people into a narrow form of cultural extremism, a worldview where the only thing that counts is a reified identity like race or gender.

      How does the “left” overcome a country locked in the grip of this kind of totalitarian dialectic? Well I suppose the Soviet Union invades from the East and the British and Americans invade from the West and eventually the regime locks itself away in a bunker in Berlin. LOL.

      Well I’m not saying the USA is Nazi Germany. But I don’t think reform is possible from within. The American people are too loyal to their imperialist masters. The best possible outcome I think is for this current recession to weaken the USA to the point where it can’t dominate the rest of the world, where countries like Iran, Venezuela, and Bolivia can get the American boot off their necks.

      1. Actually, an injunction to organize and act collectively is Political Action 100. The tactics and discipline of acting collectively in support of a purpose is one of the great driving engines of history. There is no logical path from this to Hannah A.

        It counts for little weight that – yes, right wing nutbars at the NRA – have an ‘opinion’ about anything. What matters is can they back that up with organized boot in the streets. And the answer is – ‘they are general without an army’. And so are all the woke, cancel fruit loops who have nothing concrete beyond mouthing off on the internet.

        The lazy Americans can’t get off their asses to take any collective action as their forefathers so readily did. The BLM protest, while admirable, were spontaneous outbursts, lacking organization and so not sustained. Back in the day we had well organized anti-Vietnam protests in scale and all the time. We had cross-country coalitions with experienced leaders who commanded divisions with support and confidence. That spirit and practice is lacking. But the cops and Wall St. and the White House are organized and they are not going away until they are physically put away. And that will never happen by the agency of social media loud mouths.

        The Left is the only experienced force with a tradition and programme to build what is needed. You don’t know or see what there is about it but history should tell you it happens. One thing is that liberals have zero record or resources so they are not a significant hope for change.

        1. Acting collectively and acting as part of an easily manipulated mass are two different things.

          The anti-Vietnam protests went mainstream basically because any 18-25 year old male could get drafted and sent off to die in a genocidal war against people he had nothing against. Even if you could get a deferment, you still had to go through all the trouble of finding the right doctor who would declare you unfit or taking advantage of Trudeau’s (certainly the father and not the son) offer of political asylum or maintaining your grades in college.

          After the draft ended, the anti-war movement went “poof.” I don’t think Kent State was the motivating factor. The cops had been killing protesters for years before that. I do think the mobilization of the extreme right in support of the Kent State Massacre (the hard hat riots in New York) did play a role in making people afraid to protest. But mostly I think it’s because the Boomers no longer had a personal stake in protesting the war.

          The BLM protests this Spring went mainstream mostly because the Democrats (who control the big cities) needed black voters to stop the Bernie movement and Medicare for All. So they eased up on the police repression. Eventually the police unions gained the upper hand and rallied behind Trump. So the Democrats decided they couldn’t be outflanked on the right and started talking about “law and order.”

          This fall if Biden wins I think BLM gets a mixture of repression and cooptation. Biden and Harris buy the leaders off and get the media to paint the holdouts as “white anarchists.”

          If Trump wins I think we’re going to see a classic example of the “prerogative state” (to use Robert Paxton’s term) supplanting the “normative state.” Trump will send his NRA and QAnon brown shirts into the streets to crack heads in a way the police and national guard can’t, but eventually it will be hard to tell the difference between the two.

          To me the best possible outcome of a Biden victory would be more gun control and more repression of right wing extremists. But I’m not holding my breath.

  7. The anti-Vietnam protests ended because we won and the war ended. The draft ended because the state couldn’t trust that the people they were arming wouldn’t use the guns against them. Which remains the case. The vast numbers that protested paled to insignificance ‘draft resisters’. Including millions in countries other than the U.S. including Canada. Kent State was absolutely a tipping point just as George Floyd was. I was in the front line of the biggest and most successful demonstration in Toronto on May 9. Being manipulated is what happens when the state media is unopposed. The state line is to use the lockdown to keep people atomized and unable to organize resistance. Opposing the right and power of the oppressed to organize in their own defence is downright traitorous. Telling people they have to lie down and submit and wait for the Democrats to win is insane.The BLM protests went mainstream because of the media using it for control. The Democrats had nothing to do with it. There aren’t and NRA et all brownshirts. There are cops and the army. Gun control only disarms unions, workers and the poor, leaving them disarmed. When blacks, and workers have guns, lots of guns and are organized that will be power. The rest is crybaby liberal bullshit.

    1. The BLM protests went mainstream because of the media using it for control. The Democrats had nothing to do with it.

      I think they did. I don’t know how it works in other countries but in the United States any class based protest in any big city is immediately going to be surrounded by cops, often so many they outnumber the protesters. The effect is to suppress protest by sheer weight of bodies put up against them. Democratic city governments in big liberal cities like New York, Chicago and Boston are always allied with local real estate interests, and always participate in a low-level counterinsurgency campaign which coordinates the media, the cops and the city government.

      A Tea Party or an open carry demonstration, by contrast, is always lightly policed and the media always gives it favorable coverage This has little or nothing to do with numbers or with guns. It’s simply the fact that Tea Party and open carry rallies are always pro-corporate, pro-ruling class. The people who run the media and the local real estate interests don’t want to repress their lumpen fascist cheerleaders.

      In 2015 and 2016 when Obama was President there was a heavy handed police presence at all BLM rallies. So why did the Democratic city governments lighten up in the Spring of 2020? I guess it’s partly Covid. But in Seattle the city government allowed the protesters to set up an Occupy style encampment in a way they had done everything possible to stop after the fall of 2011.

      I think it exposed the contradictions in American capitalism. The ruling class needs black voters to oppose socialism in favor of a narrow black nationalism and the promise of reparations far off in the future (the idea that Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg might act like modern day Andrew Carnegies and put the black elites in their will). Democratic big city mayors and local officials refused to suppress protests for Trump with the same ruthlessness they did for Obama. But now they’re in between a rock and a hard place. If they repress the protests black voters might stay home. If they let them go on, wealthy suburban moderate Republicans might vote for Trump after all

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Nevertheless, my mood tonight isn’t one of fear and horror or even disgust, but one of schadenfreude. If nothing else, you accomplished what neither Barack Obama nor Bernie Sanders was able to do. You’ve flushed the Clinton crime family out of politics for good. My schadenfreude is not against Clinton’s rank and file Democratic supporters, mostly good people who were stampeded into backing probably the worst nominee the Democrats have put up since Michael Dukakis. It’s certainly not against Muslims, LGBT people, black people, immigrants, or women, people who are genuinely frightened at the prospect of your moving into the White House. My schadenfreude is against the neoliberal, Wall Street elites who thought they could ram another Clinton down our throats.


  8. An article in today’s Jacobin articulates the difference between us.

    The subject is the Berkeley Free speech Movement in 1964. By that time the left had been well crushed by McCartheyism and the university administration had locked down dissident expression of any sort. Along came Mario Savio and then a great many others. They were inspired by a librarian and old Trotskyist Hal Draper. By your thinking they all should have counted for nothing and could never organize anything at all. But they did. In the face of fury and repression.

    Draper wrote an inspiring pamphlet. “It is grounded in the politics of “Socialism from Below,” which he articulated in his “The Two Souls of Socialism,” originally published as an article in 1960, and later as a widely distributed pamphlet, espousing the view that it is the oppressed and powerless themselves that must directly undertake the struggle for their interests and for their self-emancipation, instead of expecting it from their rulers or would-be saviors.

    The Berkeley students were able to win the battle for free speech with an unprecedented protest and radical mobilization going well beyond liberalism as usual. The students rejected the expansion of the 1950s McCarthyist-inspired rules to strangle political activities on campus, which the administration adopted under pressure from area businesses, local and state authorities, and eventually the rules themselves. And the thoroughly democratic FSM movement, through its growing militancy, overcame the administration’s efforts to take its initial concessions and its attempts to split the movement, taking advantage of the administration’s intransigence and political tone-deafness.

    Here we have it. Democratic organization from below behind a full radical programme directly confronting the powers and refusing to tolerate co-option by liberal rats. As against your perspective which is that radical self-organization is Utopian, the left is dead and we must all trust in the Democrats to save us. Basically meaning Do Nothing. Except ventilate a bit on social media.

    If you’d been at Berkeley, the militants of the FSM would have branded you as a weak coward and betrayer.

    1. If you’d been at Berkeley, the militants of the FSM would have branded you as a weak coward and betrayer.

      I wouldn’t have been at Berkeley. I would have been with half my father’s graduating class in Vietnam. By 1980, I would have felt lucky to have some blue collar job while all those Free Speech Movement honchos who branded me a betrayer and a coward would have been working on their stock portfolios and talking themselves into voting for Reagan. My kids would have gone to public high school, community college, and if they were lucky maybe to Cal State Fullerton. There’s no way they would have been able to afford the neoliberal, careerist hellhole Berkeley became in the 1980s and 1990s, a place ten times worse than Berkeley was in 1960 and 100 times more expensive.

  9. And are quite right in all that you say here. Sure, the sixties radicals eventually moved right, sold old and became…liberals! Glad you acknowledge this drift. But, but, this does not undo what they did that was good and right before the rot set in. That’s the way of things with the privileged petit bourgeois. They blow hot or cold according to the seasons. Which is why we have ‘leaders’ of feminism who are to the right of Attila The Hun.

    Note today the protests in the UK by the Extinction Movement who have blockaded the printing plants of the newspapers. Protesting their fake-news conduct. Leaving aside the politics, the planning and disciplined execution of these action is first rate.These events took a lot of skilled organization as they avoided prior detection by the police who were blindsided. That’s how you do things. Fix your target, organize and mobilize, move smartly then dissipate when its suits you but before the cops can get their act together to seize the initiative.

  10. Mike Whitney today excoriates the BLM protests as staged events orchestrated by Soros and Ford Foundation dark forces. Designed to divide the oppressed against themselves. So, his critique is from the left seeing the BLM protesters as having the qualities of the NRA or ‘militias’.
    Whitney’s trump [pardon] argument is “If BLM was a Marxist group, do you really think they’d accept cash from some of the world’s richest and most exploitative capitalists?” Hence, BLM is not a force of the left, but of the right.

    [Insert picture of Lenin laughing] “Sure, us Bolsheviks will take all the money the fools will give us!” No need for chapter and verse on this old theme.

    Whitney also acknowledges that the BLM protests have died out. Why, given his thinking? I see those protests as spontaneous demonstration of righteously pissed off people. Because they were not organized and there is no money, they once flowed and now ebb. What else is new? The liberals, Democrats and ‘progressive grifters are out to skim the issue for their own purposes.

    So, whadya think? Is BLM a commie plot or marching brownshirts?

    1. BLM is a series of genuinely organic local protests against police brutality that keeps getting coopted from above.

      In Ferguson, for example, police death squads murdered all the original leaders (who few people have heard of) and then Teach for America (union busting Ivy League scabs) moved in and made themselves the face of the movement.

      The George Floyd protests seem to have been coopted by the Democrats and the white upper middle class (who seems to have taken to the idea of black separatism/supremacy pretty easily) in general.

  11. What a reasonable thing for you to write. OMG. …”genuinely organic local protests against police brutality that keeps getting coopted from above. Meaning liberals. Democrats.

    I agree. These were spontaneous local expressions. Since, carpetbagger liberals have been skinning the racket.

    The problem for the liberals is the sword cuts two ways.

    BLM Bolshies!
    Of course black lives matter, but the unelected BLM Marxists should not matter

    BLM Fascists!
    There’s nothing Marxist about Black Lives Matter. This woke movement, supported by capitalists, is disguising the class divisions that Marxism highlights.

    BLM Friend of Jews!
    On August 28 over 600 Jewish mainstream organizations and synagogues published a full-page ad in the New York Times under the title “We Speak with One Voice When We Say, Unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.”

    BLM Anti-Semite Racists!
    Befuddled Jews Endorse Black Lives Matter. In 2016, Black Lives Matter issued “policy platforms.” One supported the BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) movement against Israel, described Israel as an “apartheid state,” and declared the U.S., because of its alliance with Israel, “complicit in the genocide taking place against the Palestinian people.” the fault lies with “politicians” who deliberately “divide us against each other. All too often, anti-Semitism is at the center of these manufactured divisions.”
    American Spectator.

    BLM as Soros Stooges!
    I am sure that neither Malcolm X nor Martin Luther King would have supported this kind of protest, not because they would accept at all the discrimination and violence against blacks and minorities in the United States, but because the protests are developing in a sectarian sense to divide the impoverished population of the United States and provoke a civil war.

    BLM Lectroids
    from Planet 10
    Buckaroo Banzai

  12. And of course our all time favourites -Russia! And China. Freemasons. The Pope. The Queen. The Marxists. The fascists.The Fed. The Seven Great Lords. Where are those superheros when you need them. Mercury is in retrograde,

    Run the Nalveny story. Again. I know. We’re all sick of it. Sure, Belarus. Yeah. Over and over. Got it.

      1. It’s a test. If NordStream II is derailed over this pathetic fakery, Russia can declare that it will walk away from the EU. Can’t do business with such people. We’ll leave you to the mercy of the US. Go find markets elsewhere.

        Which will seriously freak Germany and France who know being under the US thumb is a death sentence. Make your choice.

  13. “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked, or deceived by the white liberal then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.”

    Malcolm X

    1. I think a lot of establishment white liberals view black people through the same lens that the Victorian patriarchy saw women. Liberals constantly blather on about how black people are morally superior to white people and yet by doing so they strip black people of their individuality and paradoxically allow white people to be more complex and human.

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