Sign of the Times

The two major historical events of my lifetime, both atrocities, come together at a local monument. Not to get all 9/11 Truther or anything, but it appears that Bob Woodward, the “hero” of Watergate, knew back in January that Trump was withholding information about the pandemic but chose not to publish it until his book came out this fall. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? If the corporate media held back information that led to the deaths of over 100,000 Americans, what are they hiding about the deaths of only 3000 Americans? My guess is involvement by the Saudi government and a coverup by the Bush Administration, but don’t quote me on that.

3 thoughts on “Sign of the Times”

  1. It’s grand being a doyen of the media monopoly. Just cock a snoot at the world. ‘Whaddya going to do about it, bub?’ The Navalny bilge is top rate. It’s such a blatant fabrication but the fake-news cows just yell louder.

    And the original official 9/11 spin is utter rubbish. If half trained A-rabs can hijack planeloads with passengers and leisurly fly them into the biggest buildings in New York without interference then the Russian Aerospace military can rest easy about what they’re up against.

    Of course the capper is this fake virus and lockdown bloviate. Contray evidence and authorities pile up but nothing gets through the monopoly media.

    Thankfully, the backend price the system has to pay and put to enforce their outrageous Party Line lies is always understated and mostly unseen. Until the time to pay the butcher’s bill arrives. And wrecking the economy, ruining the prosperity and security of the mass of the population and unleashing unprecedented enforcement repression – this all bears down while China+Russia surge forward.

    Nothing takes place in a vacuum. There will be vengeance.

    1. Funny thing about Woodward is he’s both the guy who broke Watergate and an establishment journalist making another Watergate much more difficult. Nixon got into trouble because he recorded everything and was forced by the courts to release the tapes. Bush and now Trump just use Woodward as their human tape recorder and Woodward dutifully censors anything that might be too embarrassing.

  2. Which equals that Woodward just makes up everything and neither party can call out the other. What a devolution. The onetime whistle-blower now turned rat.

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