Forced Sterilization at Immigrant Detention Centers?

A story has come out that doctors at immigration detention centers have performed hysterectomies on detainees without their explicit consent. ICE is denying the charges and Trump supporters are (of course) labeling it “fake news.” Right now there’s not enough evidence to make a conclusion either way, but if the story is eventually proven true it won’t be the first time in American history that it has happened.

Back in 2015 I wrote a review of Stanley Kramer’s 1961 film Judgement at Nuremberg. Natural hipster that I am I was calling Trump a Nazi before it was cool. At the time I was being deliberately provocative. I don’t think I really believed what I was saying. I was simply using the film, and Trump, as an excuse to express just how much I disliked my fellow Americans.

In Donald Trump, I fear, we may have found our Hitler. I know how Germans like Thomas Mann must have felt when the Nazis used Goethe and Beethoven, Mozart, and Luther to justify the mass extermination of “inferior races” in the name of Aryan supremacy. The front runner for the Presidential nomination of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, Grant, Frederick Douglass, Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, is now a man who calls for the ethnic cleansing of 11 million Mexicans from the United States, and who stands by and says nothing when a supporter calls for the extermination of American Muslims. In and of himself, Donald Trump is nothing. Anybody paying attention has long known he was a racist clown, at least since he called for the execution of 5 innocent black teenagers during the Central Park jogger hysteria back in 1989. What’s troubling is the way Americans now seem ready to anoint him as their leader.

Probably the best scene in Judgement at Nuremberg involves an exchange between a mentally handicapped man played by Montgomery Clift and a brilliant defense attorney played by Maximilian Schell.

It’s a masterclass in acting. A man with an IQ of 150 or 160 goes up against a man with an IQ of 85 or 90, and loses. It made me think about the kind of American, usually a “conservative” who likes to argue that human beings can be “legal” or “illegal.” Schell’s character wins the legal argument. He proves that while his client did order the forced sterilization of a mentally handicapped man he doesn’t deserve to go to jail. He was simply carrying out the established laws of his country. But when Cliff’s character holds up a photo of his mother and pleads that even though she was only a simple working class woman her life did have value, he wins the moral argument. In every society, there are always slick, well-educated monsters who can twist words into elaborate logical pretzels to justify treating society’s most vulnerable people with contempt. There are also plenty of lower-class men and women whose lives are actually worth more than their elite tormentors, people who Montgomery Cliff, a genuine artist who gives voice to the voiceless, speaks for so very well.

So here we at, forced sterilizations, the endgame of the Trump Presidency. I have no confidence that very much will change under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In fact, once the embarrassing Trump Administration is gone, there will be plenty of brilliant, upper-middle-class liberals willing to argue, like Maximillian Schell in Judgement at Nuremberg, that there are some people in the world who’s lives simply have no value. 

11 thoughts on “Forced Sterilization at Immigrant Detention Centers?

  1. John Thurloe

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!” – Captain Renault.

    Gee, criminal behaviour sanctioned and perpetrated by the authorities occurs within the prison business in the U.S. Who’d have thought that to be possible? Given that these are federal facilities how hard would it be to obtain a federal court order to investigate upon submission of credible evidence?

    I have no doubt that what happens in ICE or any and all other prisons in a country with more people imprisoned than any other is an utter disgrace. It is also the case that the entire prison business is a racket milked to the max for profit by an endless chain of corrupt companies and parties that thrive on it.

    Including the gaggle of budget-boosting fake interest groups like Project South. From a forensic perspective the trail of evidence in the 27 page submission reeks of fabrication. One Big Player after another is twisted in by innuendo, unsupported allegation and feats of imagination. The Big Lie at work.

    The only parties Not heard are the great many former detainees, former staff or officers plus all the many outside quartermaster and logistic suppliers. All of this mountain of evidence lies outside the facility and so can be investigated, researched, tracked down without observation. In otherwords, that’s how you build a proper case.

    But Project South didn’t go to any trouble like this. They just copied what fake news outfits like the NYT does every day and blow off loud mouth allegations without substantiation. Because it’s exactly the kind of stunt typical of run down fake public interest groups that suck up all the oxygen keeping their fat cat principals comfortable.

    You want to bust these criminal prison looters, well, that can be done. But you need grit, a low profile and cool blood. And above all, honest and integrity.

    The whole lot are part of the same team of rats.

  2. John Thurloe

    Much of my life I’ve been doing the work of leading and organizing teams of quiet investigators to expose nefarious wrong doings by authorities who believe they are above the law and untouchable. The tradecraft is very complex and would never be written about En Claire. However, purely for purposes of illustration I give the following:

    We have here the undertaking of a goodly number of hysterectomy procedures, over some period of time within the secure confines of a private prison operating under federal authority. This requires firstly that competent and qualified medical personnel conduct such procedures. Physician specialists, nurses, maybe a pharmacist. These will not be full time assignments. Which means the teams will convene when required from wherever else they conduct their practices. And it will not be hard to observe their gathering for there will be many signs. Then, one can determine where they are otherwise working, their names and other details.

    Being regulated professionals you can then ascertain their backgrounds and who their colleagues are. Every line detail of which subject to further investigation. Why were such medical teams being assembled on such and such dates at a facility that should have no roper need for their services. Document, document, document. Very embarrassing to answer. They will crack, their stories will contradict. Lies to be easily seen. Plus, health professionals are subject to peer discipline for their conduct and that is an open book.

    To perform hysterectomy procedures would require at least a purpose built surgery. Equipped with very characteristic equipment, tools of the trade, supplies and medication. Also, recovery rooms and provision for trauma. All lot of very special stuff. Which had to be ordered. From certain suppliers. Who have to get it up from their primary suppliers. With bookkeepers, accountants, quartermasters, delivery people, dockets, shipping records. And endless mouths to talk, most of them outside the reach of the facility. Whyever should such materials have a lawful purpose in an ICE Detention facility. Inquiring minds will want to know.

    Then there be the pools of former personnel. Who saw and heard things. Including former ‘inmates’ who can be all tracked down. If the NYT can function on anonymous sources… People will talk. Every stone unturned leads to more and more threads.

    Enough to satisfy a federal judge, maybe the FBI or select media. This is time to feed lawyers. Generate a cascade of ugly fact based allegations, day after day. Until the whole thing cracks open of its own weight.

    Of course, this would be only one hypothetical thread to pursue. In reality, there would be many going on at the same time.

    Nothing like these blowhard showboat cash grab groups. They can’t be that lazy or stupid. They don’t bother to commission the work because they don’t care that much for true results or the welfare of the victims. They just want the money.

    If I had the commission to take down these Bad Guys they would go down hard and stay down. And if things could be done just as would be best they wouldn’t ever know who brought it about and I most certainly would never reveal or speak of it. That’s the Art.

  3. John Thurloe

    Think of it this way Stan. Picking an open fight with these private prison types is an act of insanity. By this time, they already have all the IL [Idiot Liberals] cell phone and email records. They’re busy now digging every piece of dirt on the groups, all the staff back until they wet their beds. Anybody boinking somebody they shouldn’t be? Expect to read about that soon. And you cousin in the slammer is up for parole, eh? Could go easy… or not. Get the drift? There are or can be fabricated a hundred points of pain.

    The Bad Guys are very good at this and they can call up resources no IL groups can match. And your people have no discipline, no tolerance for embarrassment. Families, relationships torn apart. Always talking big and loud. And some people will happily give over the security codes for a reasonable consideration. Shit will fly and your own crowd will be induced to knife each other. For the Bad Guys, such as this is mere target practice. And they will do it.

    How do you get to live to be so old being so stupid? They will cover up faster than you can fling mud. Always, the first rule is to Shut Up. I feel sorry for the chumps.

    1. srogouski Post author

      Or if they don’t have something they’ll just make something up.

      I’m under no illusions that only Trump is responsible for what happens in ICE detention centers. The Democratic Party in New Jersey is in bed with the for profit immigrant detention lobby.

      But I also think the the base issue here is the idea that the state can declare someone “legal” or “illegal.” Notice how nobody ever argued that Geoffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy were “illegal” as people, only that they committed illegal, evil acts. But if a Central American woman does nothing but cross a fake border drawn up less than 200 years ago designed to ethnically cleanse the indigenous from North America, then her very identity, her very existence becomes “illegal.”

      Trump and his followers have made the distinction between being “legal” and “illegal” a central part of their core ideology that Biden and the Democrats, however bad they may be, haven’t. What Trump’s followers don’t understand is that once the state can decide that you’re “legal” or “illegal” they can move all the “legal” people into the “illegal” category any time they want.

      I’m a 5th generation American but like everybody else I’m only one bad law from being “illegal” myself.

  4. John Thurloe

    When capitalists seek further profit by driving down their cost of labour they are all for the easy immigration of cheap foreign labour. When the reserve Army of Labour is over-subscribed then its another Know Nothing Party time. Having outsourced manufacturing to the far east, the unemployed, particularly immigrants are an unwanted burden. And the fading unions hate the immigrants in favour of protecting their rump of remaining contracted jobs. And the union bosses cushy jobs. And the Big Democratic buddies. So cruelty and hate become institutionalized.

    1. srogouski Post author

      Trump’s most fanatically racist supporters aren’t working class, white or otherwise. They’re largely upper-middle-class (the kind of people who own Ford F150s parked in front of 5 bedroom McMansions). They’re the ones driving Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. What they want is a permanent underclass of second class citizens who can’t vote, can’t organize unions, and who can easily be fired. They also tend to be concentrated in the (heavily Latino) southwest. Texas, for example, would be a “blue state” if it weren’t for the massive voter suppression of Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley. Full amnesty is in the interests of the American working class, white or otherwise. It’s certainly in *my* interest. I don’t benefit from apartheid and permanent disenfranchisement of the biggest immigrant groups in the country.

  5. John Thurloe

    The Epistle of St. Billy-Bob to the Selmaites:
    Verily, buy not wheels from the aliens.
    Fix-Or-Repair-Daily the Lord’s 150 with nothing in the back.
    For ye are pure quisquiliae album
    And eat thee only the foods of the Saints.
    And that be deep fried corn dogs, sugar drinks, pork rinds and BBQ
    And fore-swear dealings with all those not of your Klan and be armed at all times.
    In the name of Nathan Forrest, George Wallace and David Duke

  6. John Thurloe

    The following discussion to this posting on Reddit is quite heartening. And then, there the nation of stunned rabbits in neo-fascist Australia.


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