My Ideal of a Film Reviewer

I used to review films, but I’ve largely given it up. Why? Nobody reads film reviews and it’s a waste of time to write them. I was also a pretty shitty film reviewer. Once in awhile (usually about a film that traumatized me as a child) I’d write a decent review. For the most part, I was only going through the motions.

This woman is one of the best film reviewers I’ve seen online. She’s been at it for about ten years. There’s nothing fancy or elaborately produced about her reviews. She doesn’t even show clips. All she does is sit on the floor next to her book shelf and talk for 10-15 minutes. In this video she absolutely nails the aesthetic of Brian De Palma. We need more film reviewers like this and fewer blockheads like Roger Ebert or shallow talking heads like Mark Kermode. By all means if you have the money buy her art or donate to her patreon.

Maybe the most independent and original film critic online.

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