My Second Twitter Ban

It was of course inevitable. Getting banned from Twitter is one of the few certainties in life. But this time it was for attacking the followers of George W. Bush.

My guess as to what happened.

A short time before my account was suspended Glenn Greenwald retweeted one of my tweets criticizing the hypocrisy of the media for asking Russian athletes to condemn Vladimir Putin when there were no such requirement in the 2000s to condemn George W. Bush after the invasion of Iraq.

Basically I was collateral damage.

My account was suddenly high profile and I was mass reported by Greenwald’s haters and banned for two weeks for a sarcastic comment I made about Bush supporters using the absurd cliché “freedom isn’t free.” So essentially I was banned for hate speech against Iraqis for attacking George W. Bush.

Since there was no guarantee my account would ever be restored I just deleted it so as not to have so much stray content floating around.