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The Killer Angels (1974)

(Thomas Henry Harrison, a hero of The Killer Angels, a Confederate spy who survived Pickett’s charge and died in 1923 at the age of 91. Note: In 1923, William Faulkner was already 26.) Back in the 1990s, Ted Turner produced a 4 hour long film about the Battle of Gettysburg called, appropriately enough, Gettysburg. Based […]

Bernie Sanders versus Occupy Wall Street

Eight years later, in 2019, Occupy Wall Street is long forgotten, ancient history. Yet last Saturday at the Bernie Sanders rally in Queens, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, not only because Sanders kept using the term “one percent” to describe the ruling class, but because of the stark contrast in the way the two […]

Evangelical Christians are stealing children separated from their parents in Trump’s concentration camps

I’ve suspected for awhile this has been happening but here’s some mainstream confirmation. Holes in immigration laws are allowing state court judges to grant custody of migrant children to American families without notifying their deported parents, the Associated Press reported Tuesday …………………… However, the foster family that Alexa was placed into by Bethany Christian Services, […]

The Attacks on Climate Change Protesters

Extinction Rebellion protesters have been physically attacked in two cities. London Commuters now physically dragging protestors from the roof of the train. @itvlondon — Holly Collins (@HollyJoCollins) October 17, 2019 And Edmonton Here’s another angle of that hilarious Edmonton video in which a pedestrian grabs the Extinction Rebellion banner and throws it away. The […]

There were so many hipsters at the Bernie rally that even black people had Bromptons

Always great to see a fellow folding bike lover. As for the heavily debated question of Bernie’s demographics, I have to admit that the rally in Queens was mostly white NYC hipsters in their 20s and 30s, pretty much what you’d expect. The 9 or 10 pro-Trump counter protesters protected by a wall of NYPD […]

Bernie Sanders in Queens

Even with a bad cold and a toothache, I wasn’t about to miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorse Bernie Sanders across the street from the public housing project she saved from Jeff Bezos and Amazon back in 2018. So I got on New Jersey Transit in Westfield, New Jersey, then the 7-Train at Times Square, and road […]

The Watchung Mountains on a Brompton

Nobody would ever mistake the Watchung  Mountains for the Alps or the Himalayas. Nevertheless, they were an obstacle formidable enough in 1781 to guard the Continental Army against the British, who were defeated in the decisive Battle of Springfield when they tried to march on George Washington’s headquarters in Morristown. At almost 1000 feet at […]

The Yosemite (1912): The Beautiful Landscape of Genocide

The Yosemite  is a late work by the Scottish American environmentalist John Muir. Published two years before his death in 1912, it is a celebration of the act signed into law 22-years-earlier protecting the now iconic valley from capitalist development. Thanks to men like Galen Clark and John Muir, the Yosemite Valley will never see […]

Sarah, Lady Innes

You were older than I was when we first met, twenty seven, a lady, a merchant’s daughter married into the British aristocracy. I was sixteen, a high school kid from New Jersey, brought to Henry Clay Frick’s grand mansion on 5th Avenue by my English teacher Mrs. Bradley (nee Polanski), who not only wanted us […]

The Immense Nothingness of Central New Jersey

Until you’ve seen it from a bike, you haven’t really seen it. Take my home state of New Jersey. If you drive through the very sizeable towns of Edison, Woodbridge, and Piscataway sealed up in a metal death box — otherwise known as a car — you are not observing the landscape. You are part […]