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Every once in awhile I realize just how much we deserved 9/11

So we now have a genuine American war criminal as a spokesman for public safety, offering himself up as the symbol of a “real man” to assure our brainwashed, fundamentalist Christian, inbred redneck masses that wearing a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t make you a candidate for gay conversion therapy or a minion of […]

Are we really debating the French Revolution in 2020?

So first the loathsome neoconservative Senator Lindsay Graham hilariously compares Jamaal Bowman and Charles Booker to the leaders of the French Revolution. Then some editor at the New York Times, correctly, points out that the French Revolution is the only reason why we have democracy in Europe and North America. Then he immediately gets spammed […]

Genghis Khan for President

He meets the qualifications.

Teddy Roosevelt was a Nazi

You learn something new every day. I’ve read two fat biographies of Teddy Roosevelt, where I did learn that his daughter, Alice Longworth Roosevelt, was a noted wit and a master at pithy one liners, but I did not learn that he wrote approvingly of the Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado. That same year Roosevelt […]

The United States is not a democracy

Yesterday, in Kentucky, there was massive voter suppression. It got so bad that people were banging on the windows to protest their inability to vote. Whether it was the Democratic Governor’s Covid regulations or the Republicans preparing for November doesn’t matter. If this were a scene from Iran or Venezuela, every newspaper in America would […]

A Surprisingly Honest Headline

Poland is one of the four dumbest countries on the planet. The United States is another. Here are the other two (shithole countries). Poland loves the U.S. president. Unlike their neighbors Germany, where a Pew poll showed only 13 percent of citizens have confidence in the U.S. president “to do the right thing in global […]

The Bike Boom Continues

Every day my local bike store takes delivery of at least 10 new bikes. Every evening they put out the same number of empty cartons. They’re easily selling 10-15 per day, probably more. Last Fall I bought a new carbon gravel bike that comes with a free tuneup if you take it in within six […]

What Color was Jesus?

I have to give props to the establishment. They’ve managed to divert some of the most militant protests in recent history away from the subject of police brutality to a futile debate about statues. Personally, I was in favor of tearing down Confederate monuments, mostly because they were put up to intimidate blacks in the […]

Joe Biden for President

In 2016, I voted for Gloria La Riva and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. I had no intention of voting for Trump, but I also had no intention of voting to allow the Clinton Crime Family to establish a dynasty in the White House. This time I’m going to vote for Joe Biden and […]

Why Ulysses Grant Matters

The anarchists who destroyed the statue of Ulysses Grant in Golden Gate Park have a long list of grievances against the 18th President of the United States. He was a slave owner. Actually he inherited one slave from his wife’s family who he quickly freed, even though he was in dire need of money at […]