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The Robbers (1781)

If France gave us the greatest revolution, then Germany has given us the greatest revolutionaries, not only Luther, but Karl Marx and Ludwig Von Beethoven. In 1771, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote a short epistolary novel called The Sorrows of Young Werther. The revised edition would come out in 1787, only two years before the […]

What did Cyclists Carry in 1897?

A lot of stuff, it turns out. Personally I would leave the prayer book and the sperm oil at home, but I would definitely bring my revolver and British pluck and grit. Would all of this fit in my Carradice Nelson saddlebag? I doubt it. I’d probably have to bring a fanny pack too.

Remember When the Media Told Us Rudy Giuliani Was a Hero?

I like to rag on the inbreds in the red states about their precious guns.  But let’s face it, this one’s on us educated northeastern liberals. It wasn’t gun loving inbreds in the south who elected Giuliani Mayor of NYC twice. It wasn’t gun loving inbreds in the south who let the corporate media get […]

This all started at Sandy Hook

As I’ve repeatedly said, the fact that Americans did nothing about the Sandy Hook Massacre was a watershed moment in our history. Now we have high school teachers joking about murdering teenage girls with sniper rifles. If the Chinese invaded and started taking guns away from the inbreds in the red states, I would greet […]

RIP Robert Forster

Robert Forster, resurgent Oscar nominee from 'Jackie Brown,' dies at 78 — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) October 12, 2019 Most people think of him as the star of Tarantino’s Jackie Brown but it’s also worth checking him out in Haskell Wexler’s Medium Cool, one of the best movies of the 1960s and one that […]

“Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.”

That’s a quote from the German poet Henreich Heine. It seems it’s still relevant. Students at Georgia Southern University burned the books of a Cuban-American author on a grill following a lecture in which she argued with participants about white privilege and diversity. It looks like we need to take their matches along with […]

The Nobel Committee Pisses off Polish Conservatives and American Imperialists

I’ve never read either Peter Handke or Olga Tokarczuk but I’m going to have to get around to it. Supposedly Handke is pro-Milosevic (but we all know how those accusations usually turn out). All the people angry about these two awards are the right people in my book to piss off. So yeah. Greatest Nobel […]

Joker (2019)

(Spoiler for one scene) As most critics have noted, Todd Phillips’s Joker is a loose reboot of Martin Scorsese’s underrated 1983 film King of Comedy. The similarities, right down to the cameo by Robert De Niro, are hard to miss. For me, however, the film’s most revealing moment evokes, not Scorsese, or other “gritty” 1970s […]

Death Squads in the USA?

Last August, a Dallas police officer named Amber Guyger “accidentally” broke into her neighbor’s apartment and shot him dead. We all know how this usually ends. Botham Jean, the victim, was a 26 year old black man. Amber Guyger is a 30-year-old white female. Normally the prosecution would deliberately tank the case, and the jury […]

The brother of a blood soaked war criminal is worried about bad words

I wish I could say this attitude was foreign to me but I think it’s pretty common among white Americans. I remember being at a family reunion as a very young adult. My father and some older relatives were talking about the reasons the USA lost in Vietnam.  One of my uncles was sure he […]