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God is Closed Until Further Notice

Friedrich Nietzsche said that “God is dead.” I wonder if there’s an untranslatable German word for “God is not dead. He’s out hording toilet paper.”

Chomsky Against Social Democracy

Young Noam Chomsky argues against the idea of welfare state capitalism, the “Social Democracy” of Bernie Sanders. He’s right. Bernie’s social democracy has its origins in Bismarck’s authoritarian welfare state, the turn of the British liberal party in the early 20th Century towards social democracy under Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George, and the progressivism […]

I Have No Clue What to Think About Coronavirus So I’m just going to Listen to a Greek

Hey they invented Western Civilization after all.

Riding in the Hills

A dark dreary day.

A Biden Voter or a Trump Voter?

I’m guessing Biden but I’m not sure.

An Apology to the Millennial Generation

As much as I’d like to be wrong, I fear that at this time tomorrow morning, Joe Biden will have inflicted a crushing defeat on Bernie Sanders, effectively ending his campaign. The fault will be mainly do to people my age, privileged old white men and women who voted for the vain, selfish Elizabeth Warren, […]

Stuck in Traffic Behind the Future

Get out of the way Zoomers. An old guy on a bike is trying to get through.

Americans Don’t Care if Biden is Senile

After all, we voted for this guy twice. We voted for a brain addled coke head then put him back in office after the largest terrorist attack in American history. We also put Reagan in office twice but most of you are too young to remember just how senile he was. The real question is […]

The Black Rider Enters the Shire

The Upper Middle Class versus the Working Class in the Democratic Party

When Bernie Sanders talks about the “one percent” he’s echoing an idea that came out of Occupy Wall Street, the idea that the central political and economic conflict in the United States pits the vast majority of the American people against a tiny elite of billionaires. In reality, it’s a lot more complex. Indeed, the […]