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Congressman Thomas Malinowski in Cranford, New Jersey

Click that little icon up on the left hand corner for the entire playlist. I had to break these videos up into five parts to stay under YouTube’s 15 minute limit. Thomas Malinowski and the Seventh Congressional District of New Jersey represent many of the contradictions of the Democratic Party and American liberalism. The Seventh […]

Debunking Right Wing Propaganda about Venezuela

An excellent video on the pro-Trump, pro-coup propagandist Joanna Hausmann.

The Espionage Act

I wonder why this German ape has so much lust for white (presumably French or Belgian) women when there are actually plenty of white women in Germany. It’s important to put the Espionage Act (which is being used to prosecute Julian Assange) in its historical Context. Back in 1917, Wall Street had loaned billions of […]

A Critique of DSA and Bernie Sanders

An interesting critique of DSA and Bernie Sanders from the left by Doug Enaa Greene. The requirements of Realignment required kowtowing to liberal prejudices, prizing loyalty to American institutions, and an unquestioning reformist vision. As his conduct proved during the Vietnam War, Michael Harrington’s whole strategy acted as a brake and a roadblock to revolutionary […]

So is Russiagate on Again?

I wonder how lucky Snowden feels now that he never made it to Ecuador?

Because the Ecuadorian government is about to turn Julian Assange over to US torturers. Julian Assange is to be ‘kicked out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London within hours and arrested’ claim Wikileaks. Wikileaks made the claim about its founder in a tweet and quoted a high-level Ecuadorean government source. It also said that Quito […]

My Take On Joe Biden

He’s basically a poorly trained dog who will hump just about everything in sight, including a table or a chair. This kind of behavior is irritating for men. Many women find it threatening. There are also photos of him doing it to children. In any event, Biden is a right-wing shithead who should have been […]

Who Taught The Saudis How to Slice and Dice Jamal Khashoggi Alive?

Would you believe me if I told you “we” (“we” being defined as “Americans”) did? Of course you would. Several of the Saudi agents who were involved in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul last year had received training in the United States, the Washington Post reported Saturday. Post columnist […]

“An intramural scrimmage between right-wing factions of the ruling elite”

I occasionally find the World Socialist Website tediously sectarian but they do have a very good take on Russiagate. Basically this is a war between white nationalists and neoconservatives, between Pat Buchanan and Dick Cheney. The dispute, in other words, has been confined to an “intramural scrimmage” (as Obama put it after Trump’s election) between […]

If I had to guess I’d say the only way we’re going to get to see the whole Mueller Report is if someone gives it to Wikileaks

I mean you never know, but if they do release an official version it’s going to be so heavily redacted it’ll be worthless. In any case it will be a useful (to the ruling class) distraction for the next few months. What the hell is in the damned thing?