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The Killer Angels (1974)

(Thomas Henry Harrison, a hero of The Killer Angels, a Confederate spy who survived Pickett’s charge and died in 1923 at the age of 91. Note: In 1923, William Faulkner was already 26.) Back in the 1990s, Ted Turner produced a 4 hour long film about the Battle of Gettysburg called, appropriately enough, Gettysburg. Based […]

The Yosemite (1912): The Beautiful Landscape of Genocide

The Yosemite  is a late work by the Scottish American environmentalist John Muir. Published two years before his death in 1912, it is a celebration of the act signed into law 22-years-earlier protecting the now iconic valley from capitalist development. Thanks to men like Galen Clark and John Muir, the Yosemite Valley will never see […]

A Reason to Impeach Trump Now

1.) The Constitution gives Congress and only Congress the right to declare war. 2.) The United States funds the Israeli military to the tune of billions of dollars a year. 3.) Trump is colluding with Benjamin Netanyahu to keep members of the United States Congress from traveling to Israel, limiting Congress’s ability to make informed […]

Our Fascist American Labor Unions

A union in Pennsylvania goes along with Royal Dutch Shell’s coercing their workers into attending a speech by Donald Trump and forbidding protests. “This is just what Shell wanted to do and we went along with it,” Ken Broadbent, business manager for Steamfitters Local 449, told the newspaper. He said he wouldn’t “bad rap” the […]

Ulysses Grant and Leo Tolstoy

  Let us consider the Battle of Gettysburg and the Battle of Borodino, the two greatest battles of the 19th Century. Most Americans, even the most historically illiterate Americans, know that from July 2nd to July 4th in 1863, Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia, after having scored a stunning victory at […]

Al Franken Did Nothing Wrong

While the Me Too movement has had a positive effect on American culture, making it easier for women to speak out against sexual abuse at the workplace, it has always had one big problem. It makes little or no distinction between genuine evil, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, and male behavior that’s merely vulgar or […]

Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Addictive?

A couple of weeks ago, for reasons I can’t entirely remember, I started reading a book by David McGowan (who was a major figure in the 9/11 Truth movement) called “Weird Scenes from the Canyon.” Weird Scenes from the Canyon is not about 9/11. It’s about popular culture. McGowan, who died back in 2015, argues […]

On Being a Millennial Turning 30

I have written two full length books and 160 articles for this website but I walk dogs for a living. Part of this was leaving college in the wake of the financial crash, part of this was refusing to water down my politics to suit an increasingly regressive employment culture, part of this was journalistic […]

It Can And Is Happening Here

I gave a quick talk about Occupy Wall Street to the Malta NY Rotary Club once. A man came up to me afterward. He looked like the aged Buster Keaton of The Railrodder and had made his living before he retired fixing CRT televisions. In the abstract I should have loved this guy. He came […]

Why are Eastern European Women Smarter than Western European Women?

Well, they’re not exactly “smarter” but according to the Economist, Polish, Lithuanian, and Serbian women do go into the sciences at a far higher rate than their counterparts in the West. The writer can’t quite figure out why so they blame it on those evil commies, who have been out of power since 1989 (so […]