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Christopher Hitchens’s Marxist Argument in Favor of Reparations

  Sometimes Hitchens is bad. Sometimes he’s good. Here he makes quite an effective argument that paying reparations for slavery is basically the essence of Marxism. Since the ultimate agenda of socialism is paying the worker the full value of his labor, you can’t be a socialist and not be in favor of reparations.

Mike Gravel for President

(You probably don’t know who he is but he’s the man most responsible for ending the Vietnam era draft. That also means he was in the Senate before I was born, so I guess he’s old. Caveat. I have no idea if this site is connected to the real Mike Gravel or not. It has […]

The massacre in New Zealand was not the act of one man

It seems to have been an organized fascist conspiracy. Three people have been arrested in connection with the massacre. Weapons were found near each of the mosques. Police also disarmed two explosive devices found in one vehicle—an indication that further attacks might have been planned. So far, only one man has been named, 28-year-old Australian […]

Hezbollah Supports Universal Health Care

There’s so much propaganda around Hezbollah in the American media that it’s a little shocking when you look at the Lebanese media and realize they’re not the cartoon villains the NY Times and MSNC has convinced you they are. They’re a real political party with a real constituency and real political and economic positions. BEIRUT: […]

Lincoln (1984)

Lincoln (who could probably dunk a basketball) and his generals after the Battle of Antietam. If you’ve spent much time talking about the United States Civil War with the far-right or the far-left, neither of whom have much use for Abraham Lincoln, you’ve undoubtedly read the famous passage from his August 22, 1862 open letter […]

Yes, I Am Blaming Neoliberalism for the Florida School Shooting

The term “neoliberalism” has become super popular in the past couple of years, so I suppose a backlash against its heavy use was inevitable. Many months back, Jonathan Chait wrote a piece for NYMag bemoaning its prevalence as the left’s favorite insult. Then, of course, there was Cornel West “calling out” Ta-Nehisi Coates as “representing […]

Radio Without Money Episode 8: Everybody Hates Donald and Why Roy Moore Will Win (Oops! and Hooray!)

In a break from the radio silence from Writers Without Money, we return with our first content in over a month, and that’s the first new episode of Radio Without Money, the official podcast, in nearly nine months, fittingly recorded eight weeks ago (ugh). And, if we’re lucky, perhaps even the missing seventh episode […]

Gender and Abuse in Cinema: Lessons that Hollywood Should Learn From Malayalam Film Industry.

The Harvey Weinstein (and others) revelations are emotionally devastating but should not be understood from an ‘immediacy’ perspective. There exist structural inadequacies in Hollywood that are much more complex than the victim-offender perspective from which we are addressing the problem today. These inadequacies are not limited to incidents of sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances. […]

The Decentralized Fascist Gestapo

In an article a while ago, Stan wrote that the police in this country were becoming, or maybe already were a distributed informal gestapo. In my numerous articles exploring the rapid escalation of mass shootings in the US, I brought up the question whether they represent a similar “gestapo 2.0” being established by kamikaze “loner” […]

How Not to Talk About Title IX; Or, How To Not Talk About Title IX

This is a guest post by Mr. S. Klein.   Willful blindness has always presented a key opportunity to interrogate the world of power and the shape it’s taking at a given time in history. The tagline to a recent story on the New Yorker’s website provides just such an opportunity. Jeannie Suk Gersen, in […]