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Joe Biden for President

In 2016, I voted for Gloria La Riva and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. I had no intention of voting for Trump, but I also had no intention of voting to allow the Clinton Crime Family to establish a dynasty in the White House. This time I’m going to vote for Joe Biden and […]

Will there be a new “bike boom?”

Just about the only place I’m seeing long lines in my little corner of the suburban NYC hot zone is my local bike store. It’s easy to see why. All of the gyms are closed, and will be for the foreseeable future, so people are digging up all those old bikes from their basements and […]

Put your mask on so the cops don’t give us a ticket

Imagine for a moment that I have designed the greatest mask in the world. My invention, let’s call it the Detroit One, protects the owner so well that it’s the equivalent of being surrounded by 2 tons of fiberglass and steel. It has a battery powered air purifier and a set of airbags that immediately […]

I’ve decided to masturbate one extra time a day in solidarity with front line and essential workers

It makes about as much sense as this. Hilarie Burton is letting her gray hair grow out in solidarity with frontline workers — Page Six (@PageSix) April 29, 2020

It’s a Bourgeois Town

The local bourgeoisie has discovered water soluble chalk. A few years ago, during Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, chalking the sidewalk often meant that dozens of militarized police would roll up  on you, throw you to the ground, and put you through central booking (before the judge offered the inevitable ACD). But now, […]

A New Jersey Story

So I’m riding my bike down the Kenilworth Boulevard, a broad double-laned highway that runs right through the middle of the compact, little suburb of Kenilworth, New Jersey.  Up ahead are two SUVs, one in the left lane, a white Ford, moving slowly, the other, a black Cadillac Escalade, about 2 feet behind, aggressively tailgating. […]

I’m Starting to Feel Nostalgic for the Bad Old Days of October of 2001

Right now Coronavirus is making me feel pretty much the way I did during the Anthrax attacks back in 2001, that same fear and paranoia, the idea that death could come out of nowhere. I don’t think anybody quite expressed it quite as well as David Rees did in his comic Get Your War On. […]

Magical Thinking

Even though the hardest hit town in New Jersey so far has been Lakewood in Ocean County, a very religious community, the locals here in Union County seem to be calling on God to save them (because we know Trump won’t). Personally I think it’s arrogance to assume that God will save us all from […]

What Really Terrifies Me

In his classic account of the Revolution of 1848 in France and the dictatorship of Napoleon III, Karl Marx pointed out that “history always happens twice, the first time as tragedy. The second time as farce.” He was right. The authoritarian regimes in Poland and Hungary, right wing populism in Italy, Boris Johnson in the […]

An Apology to the Millennial Generation

As much as I’d like to be wrong, I fear that at this time tomorrow morning, Joe Biden will have inflicted a crushing defeat on Bernie Sanders, effectively ending his campaign. The fault will be mainly do to people my age, privileged old white men and women who voted for the vain, selfish Elizabeth Warren, […]