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A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf (1916)

In 1867, a 29-year-old Scottish immigrant and University of Wisconsin at Madison dropout named John Muir, an employee at a wagon wheel factory in Indianapolis, had an accident that almost blinded him. Struck in the eye by a tool that slipped out of his hand and nicked his cornea, he was confined to a dark […]

Bernie Sanders versus Occupy Wall Street

Eight years later, in 2019, Occupy Wall Street is long forgotten, ancient history. Yet last Saturday at the Bernie Sanders rally in Queens, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, not only because Sanders kept using the term “one percent” to describe the ruling class, but because of the stark contrast in the way the two […]

There were so many hipsters at the Bernie rally that even black people had Bromptons

Always great to see a fellow folding bike lover. As for the heavily debated question of Bernie’s demographics, I have to admit that the rally in Queens was mostly white NYC hipsters in their 20s and 30s, pretty much what you’d expect. The 9 or 10 pro-Trump counter protesters protected by a wall of NYPD […]

Bernie Sanders in Queens

Even with a bad cold and a toothache, I wasn’t about to miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorse Bernie Sanders across the street from the public housing project she saved from Jeff Bezos and Amazon back in 2018. So I got on New Jersey Transit in Westfield, New Jersey, then the 7-Train at Times Square, and road […]

Sarah, Lady Innes

You were older than I was when we first met, twenty seven, a lady, a merchant’s daughter married into the British aristocracy. I was sixteen, a high school kid from New Jersey, brought to Henry Clay Frick’s grand mansion on 5th Avenue by my English teacher Mrs. Bradley (nee Polanski), who not only wanted us […]

The Immense Nothingness of Central New Jersey

Until you’ve seen it from a bike, you haven’t really seen it. Take my home state of New Jersey. If you drive through the very sizeable towns of Edison, Woodbridge, and Piscataway sealed up in a metal death box — otherwise known as a car — you are not observing the landscape. You are part […]

What Killed the Rialto?

When I was a child in the 1970s I got to experience the cultural moment that every millennial dreams of. I saw  Star Wars — I refuse to call it “A New Hope” — in its original theatrical run. As an adult with more sophisticated tastes, I can easily point out why Star Wars isn’t […]

Recognizing Myself in a Bad Writer

Even though I largely agree with the politics behind this piece, reading it gave me a headache. Paul Street needs an editor, badly.  It starts off great. This is dead on accurate. Trump is just the tip and leading beneficiary of the big white iceberg of Amerikaner racism- denial. Ask a typical white Trump supporter […]

We Polish Americans only Have One King

I give you the King of all Polish Americans. And I guarantee you he can kick your ass.

How to Steal Anybody’s Dirty Gym Clothes

I mostly ride my cheap 800 dollar aluminum road bike through wealthy suburbia. So normally I don’t take many precautions about its being stolen. It’s not that rich people don’t steal. If you follow the local news closely you’ll be surprised at how many nice 5-bedroom McMansions owe their existence to Medicare fraud and insider […]