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Diary of a Dishwasher: 5

As a child, I used to wonder why my grandmother never ate butter. Not only would she carefully check all her meals for any trace of the offending diary product, she would refuse, even to have it in the house. One Christmas she explained why. Decades before, when she was a little girl, her own […]

Diary of a Dishwasher: 4

Some things are constant, death, taxes, Clintons and Bushes in the White House, and bad classic rock at work. The music they play in the kitchen of the establishment that employs me as a dishwasher is almost the exactly same music they used to play at the school supply warehouse where I had my very […]

Diary of a Dishwasher: 3

In response to my previous diary, where I talked about working twelve hour days without a lunch break or a coffee break, one of my followers on Twitter wondered whether or not my employers were breaking the law. It gave me pause. If they were, by not quitting, I would be complicit, not only in […]

Diary of a Dishwasher: 2

The reason you can find employment as a dishwasher without a resume, recommendations, or an interview becomes obvious after you finish your first full day on the job. The pay is low. The hours are excessive. The work is relentless and brutally physical. The turnover rate is high. This week ran from Wednesday through Saturday. […]