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The Psychologically Destructive Presidency of Barack Obama

Christopher Hitchens once observed that while there is almost universal agreement that Barack Obama is a memorable public speaker, almost nobody can actually remember or quote any lines from an Obama speech. Indeed, Litt comes away from an Obama event and says “yet here’s the remarkable thing: I don’t remember a word.”

Isaac Newton

The smartest man in the history of the human race never got laid, not even once. Perhaps it was his punishment for inventing Calculus II. I wonder sometimes if Isaac Newton’s inability to connect with his fellow human beings poisoned western science from the very beginning, if it inevitably led to the inevitable destruction of […]

The Corporate media lied about Venezuela. I’m shocked.

It’s funny sometimes just how much the corporate media is willing to lie for Trump. It’s like Bush never left the White House. I suppose it was starting to make them look stupid so they’ve decided on a limited hangout. Maduro didn’t start the fires. It was an “accident.” The New York Times published a […]

Elliot Abrams is on the Holocaust Museum’s “Committee on Conscience”

It’s clear that the Holocaust Museum doesn’t consider the genocide of the indigenous in Central America to be on the same level as the genocide of Eastern European Jews. And make no mistake. Abrams was instrumental in enabling the deaths of tens of thousands of indigenous Guatemalans in the 1980s. In any just society, he’d […]

A Quick Note on Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders opened his Presidential campaign yesterday on the campus of Brooklyn College with a speech that, as Katie Halper of Jacobin Magazine argues, drew upon his Eastern European Jewish identity to frame the coming battle against Donald Trump as class war. When Bernie Sanders tweeted that he was holding his first 2020 rally in Brooklyn, […]

Ken Silverstein Reports Back from Venezuela

I just got back from Venezuela and I’ll be writing a lot about the country next week. Virtually everything you read or see about the country in the U.S. media is a lie. And to be clear, I don’t mean skewed or misleading or incomplete, I mean a lie.

An Eloquent Defense of Venezuela Against US Imperialism

When it comes to regime change in Venezuela, the entire American establishment from Trump on the far right to Bernie and Ro Khanna on the left are of one voice. They want war. The corporate media if anything is even more belligerent against the Maduro government. As a result, we Americans really hear the other […]

I finally get banned by Twitter

A few years ago, sick of all the “fake news,” I deleted my Facebook account, but my addiction to corporate social media far from over. No sooner did I say goodbye to Mark Zuckerberg’s data mining Scylla than I stumbled into the into Jack Dorsey’s “microblogging” Charybdis. It’s easy to see why. Corporate social media […]

talkin’ ’bout my generation

One unforeseen consequence of Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is that my generation – Brett Kavanaugh and I are exactly the same age – is in the media for the first time since the early 1990s, and not in a good way. I recognize everything about this hideous reactionary, this drunken, date rapist frat […]

route 22 by Bruce Longstreet

route 22 1. through the two inch-speaker of a japanese radio stashed under the pillow you lulled me to sleep and babbled all night making me think it was always night time on Route 22, dark and cheap on Route 22, only after midnight did the commercials come on WABC.   WABC is omni- present. […]