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Why are mass murderers always men?

I often point out that we don’t have mass shootings in New Jersey. We’re smart enough to have gun control. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have violent crime, and it doesn’t mean we don’t have violent, nihilistic young men. This week, we had a crime almost as hideous as what happened in Ohio, Texas, […]

The Gun Cult’s Asymmetrical War on Reality

One of the arresting officers at yesterday's #NeverAgainAction can be seen sporting a Molon Labe tattoo, a prominent slogan of contemporary fascism — דער יִידִישר אַרבּעטער (@JewishWorker) July 1, 2019 The gun cult in a nutshell: Take a look at this Elizabeth, New Jersey cop. He’s an armed agent of the state guarding […]

Fuck the Second Amendment: Part II

A gunman killed nine people and injured at least 27 in Dayton, Ohio’s Oregon Historic District shortly after 1 am ET Sunday. The attack was the US’s second mass shooting in 24 hours, following another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. There’s an obvious solution. Ban guns. There’s a reason why we don’t have […]

Fuck the Second Amendment

Another gun nut protecting his “liberty” against big bad gubbment by shooting up a shopping mall. A gunman opened fire Saturday in a Walmart and around a nearby shopping mall in El Paso, Texas, leaving at least 19 people dead and 40 injured, law enforcement officials said.

While Paris is Boiling

Macron’s police are brutalizing climate change protesters. (Note: This video is a few weeks ago but it’s important to note that it took place in the Spring before Paris melted from the heat. It’s also remarkably similar to the images that came out of Obama’s brutal suppression of Occupy in 2011).

It was 109 Degrees in Paris Yesterday

Paris saw a record high temperature of 42.6C (108.7F) on Thursday, amid a heatwave that broke records across Western Europe. A red alert – the highest level – was issued in northern France. Meanwhile Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands also reached new record highs, of 41.8C, 41.5C, 40.8C and 40.7C respectively. The UK recorded […]

A Few Headlines from Our Rotten World

Trump and the Clintons botch the hit on Jeffrey Epstein.  Look, I’m not going to lose any sleep if this creep gets shanked In prison. But I do want him to go to court and name names first. Boomers, who as a generation have a legacy of political failure, continue to stand in the […]

On Being a Millennial Turning 30

I have written two full length books and 160 articles for this website but I walk dogs for a living. Part of this was leaving college in the wake of the financial crash, part of this was refusing to water down my politics to suit an increasingly regressive employment culture, part of this was journalistic […]

This is a dramatization of every debate I’ve ever had on social media

Someone always gets canceled in the end.

A list of Very Tall Losers

Over the past few days a video has gone viral. A man named Chris Morgan, who’s all of 4’11” or 5’0″ tall is having a meltdown in a bagel shop. He’s complaining that women won’t date him because of his height. It’s obviously true. Women do care about height. My mother once told me that […]