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Ilhan Omar is my Great Grandmother

I don’t watch television anymore, but yesterday it was hard to miss the clips of right wing  TV commentator Tucker Carlson ranting about Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and the supposed danger she poses to ‘real Americans” that were circulating on the Internet. “Maybe we are importing people from places whose values are simply antithetical to […]

A Bit Too Close to Home

Ever since the Sandy Hook Massacre I’ve followed mass shootings in the news with a mixture of three emotions: horror, disgust, and relief. The horror needs no explanation. The disgust I feel is about the Second Amendment and gun fetishists who always seem more concerned about “muh guns and muh freedom” than about the victims, […]

Tulsi Gabbard Outs Herself as a Neoconservative

John Walker Lindh is not exactly a hero of mine, but he’s no threat. He’s done his time. He should go free, and not have to put up with anything so totalitarian as “round the clock surveillance.” Jesus Tulsi, 1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual. Gabbard seems to believe in either life in […]

From the war on terror to russiagate

Surely I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that John Walker Lindh was released from prison the same day as Julian Assange was charged under the espionage act. NPR assures me the FBI is watching Lindh. It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since 9/11. Lindh of course wasn’t a terrorist, just an […]

Every once in awhile you have to feel guilty about being a good German

At least until the RAF bombs Dresden.

On the Issue of Sanders and the Contras

So the New York Times does a hit piece on Bernie Sanders for opposing Reagan’s policies in Central America. Lest anybody forget, Reagan colluded with the Iranians (sold them arms when they were under sanctions) in return for money to support a terrorist war against Nicaragua, which went to the world court and got a […]

Did Sandra Bland Really Commit Suicide?

After seeing this video (a video the courts withheld from the public) I’m beginning to think that everybody’s first impression (that she was murdered) was probably right. I think I doubted the idea that she was murdered simply because I couldn’t imagine what motive the cops would have had. But this video makes it obvious. […]

The Neglect of Public Transportation is No Accident

We’re finally beginning to see stories about what I’ve guess at for years, that municipalities are purposefully neglecting public transit in order to subsidize Uber. But the opposite is happening in Innisfil. Only so many passengers can fit in the backseat of an Uber, and the ride-hailing company, not the town, is pocketing most of […]

Mark Fisher on Amy Winehouse

Mark Fisher, the late British political and cultural critic (he committed suicide in 2017), writes that ever since the early 2000s, there has been little or no “progress” in popular music. The Beatles in the 1960s were genuinely new. Punk in the 1970s was genuinely new. But even the best music in the 21st Century […]

Kent State Gun Girl Goes to Rutgers

Two years ago, Kaitlin Bennett, a senior at Kent State University decided to bring her automatic rifle to her graduation ceremony. Bennett is from Zanesville, a city in Muskingum County Ohio, roughly 50 miles east of Columbus. She comes from a family of Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump. Bennett, however, does not consider […]