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A Social Media Gate Keeper

On Twitter, if you question the benevolent intentions of US foreign policy, you will inevitably have some liberal or “anarchist” label you “pro-Assad.” (These accusations almost always come from the left, not the right.) It doesn’t matter what you actually think about the current President of Syria or if you’ve even heard of him. It […]

Brazil gets its own Sandy Hook

I keep coming back to the thought that the Sandy Hook Massacre as the decisive moment in recent American history that made Trump possible. It’s hard to believe that anyone ever doubted that mass shootings were “political.” It’s equally baffling that we’ve debated them as a “problem to be solved” instead of “a demonic attack […]

Help @MissJules5x Get Back on Twitter

It sounds like she was subjected to the same tactics I was, a well coordinated swarm by the extreme right. Personally I think the Venezuelan fascists who got me banned from Twitter did me a favor. I had long since stopped taking it seriously, and it was becoming a waste of time. But I do […]

Artificial Scarcity in American Higher Education

One of the formative experiences as an undergraduate at Rutgers University back in the late 1980s was traveling to El Salvador with a CISPES delegation during the tale end of the civil war.  We toured two universities, the public University of El Salvador (which the army had shot up over the previous decade and which […]

When white people complain about affirmative action they never talk about stuff like this

Rich people cheat? I’m shocked. The Justice Department on Tuesday charged more than 30 wealthy people — including two television stars — with being part of a long-running scheme to bribe and cheat to get their kids into big-name colleges and universities. The alleged crimes included cheating on entrance exams, as well as bribing college […]

What a difference a decade doesn’t make

The Democrats were actually right about George W. Bush. He was an illegitimate President, a dangerous extremist and a war criminal. But when they got back into power they protected him. Are they right about Trump being a Russian stooge? Who the fuck knows? But remember, “Russiagate” was always just a distraction for the rubes. […]

The Psychologically Destructive Presidency of Barack Obama

Christopher Hitchens once observed that while there is almost universal agreement that Barack Obama is a memorable public speaker, almost nobody can actually remember or quote any lines from an Obama speech. Indeed, Litt comes away from an Obama event and says “yet here’s the remarkable thing: I don’t remember a word.”

Isaac Newton

The smartest man in the history of the human race never got laid, not even once. Perhaps it was his punishment for inventing Calculus II. I wonder sometimes if Isaac Newton’s inability to connect with his fellow human beings poisoned western science from the very beginning, if it inevitably led to the inevitable destruction of […]

The Corporate media lied about Venezuela. I’m shocked.

It’s funny sometimes just how much the corporate media is willing to lie for Trump. It’s like Bush never left the White House. I suppose it was starting to make them look stupid so they’ve decided on a limited hangout. Maduro didn’t start the fires. It was an “accident.” The New York Times published a […]

Elliot Abrams is on the Holocaust Museum’s “Committee on Conscience”

It’s clear that the Holocaust Museum doesn’t consider the genocide of the indigenous in Central America to be on the same level as the genocide of Eastern European Jews. And make no mistake. Abrams was instrumental in enabling the deaths of tens of thousands of indigenous Guatemalans in the 1980s. In any just society, he’d […]