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The Killing Fields

It doesn’t look like a death camp, but as of today, 39 people have died of complications related to Covid-19. We should look at the elderly as the canary in the coal mine. You can learn a lot about a society by what happens to the weakest and the most vulnerable. People in their 80s […]

Mark it Zero

It’s a league game smokey.

So much depends upon a green wheel barrow

so much depends upon a green wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the virgin mary William Carlos Rogouski

It’s a Bourgeois Town

The local bourgeoisie has discovered water soluble chalk. A few years ago, during Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter, chalking the sidewalk often meant that dozens of militarized police would roll upĀ  on you, throw you to the ground, and put you through central booking (before the judge offered the inevitable ACD). But now, […]

King of the Jews

It looks like the local Romans are planning a little good Friday’s entertainment. Just make sure you wash your hands so you are innocent of that man’s blood if you go out during the coronavirus pandemic. See you on Sunday.

OK Boomer

I almost felt as if I was going to get mugged on the way home. So far the local ShopRite is doing a pretty good job at keeping things in stock but I feel it’s only a matter of time before the supply chains break down. So I saw my opportunity and I took it.

Martial Law in All But Name

Yesterday, Governor Phil Murphy of Goldman Sachs and the Democratic Party ordered state and county parks shut down. It can certainly be justified. People weren’t social distancing. Instead, the local bourgeoisie were bringing their huge families into the park and clogging the trails. I’ve been seeing vintage bicycles from the 1990s that have been locked […]

Make Mini Blinds Great Again

A local store owner updates his Trump banner. So let’s keep the America of the Coronavirus lock down great. For me a really ominous sign is that while I see Trump displays everywhere and even a few Bernie displays, I have yet to see a single Biden 2020 sign, and this is in Union County, […]

Magical Thinking

Even though the hardest hit town in New Jersey so far has been Lakewood in Ocean County, a very religious community, the locals here in Union County seem to be calling on God to save them (because we know Trump won’t). Personally I think it’s arrogance to assume that God will save us all from […]

It’s a Bourgeois Town

I suppose that if they’re going to build condos on your favorite patch of woods it’s just as well a lot of classy rich people buy them. The train to New York is right up the block. The bus to New York is right down the street. But I doubt any of these people are […]