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my bones fly out around me, disheveled, pricked by wind, in pain, and I stand back unshocked. I read of it in mystic reports, gossip columns well-known not for veracity, but for imagination and an odd sense of familiarity.   I have not met my limbs, but am told of them by unreliable, unquestionable agents […]

in the swimming pool

i remember in the swimming pool, feeling my erection press against her twelve-year-old body. she wanted me to hold her and carry her. i was small and weak but the water made it easy. so i pulled her lithe and bony limbs closer, cat eyes blinking, flat moonpale chest slippery and dappled in the summer […]

Watching Footage of the Vietnam War

Soundtrack:  “Beach Baby” by The First Class Dad went east on ROTC, August 1964, Left behind Greenwich Village folklife and a dissertation on Pound’s war broadcasts. His back is streaked still with shrapnel and burns that show when he’s bent all summer digging in the garden. Upstate, 2003, a breeze smacks the door open. He […]


Spacecase cased space for time just in case there was placed Spacecases place in places in space on paths untraced by other mortal hands and eyes. Longitudinal and lateral symmetry that as much as Spacecase tries can’t be traced through space by eyes. Tired, tired, burning bright like twice burning candles in the night. What […]

Bubble, Splash!

To remember this dark thing when I’m eating an orange and wanting kissing is dropping a jar of peppermints, name-dropping a dead friend, like “oops the sweetness fell on the old floor I am sorry.” … Because you walked in with that bad jacket, looking sad like a rag, I pitied you tenderly. What have […]


when i was sixteen she brought him into my basement he was so new. she asked my permission and i asked his then she took off his belt and she strangled him. after graduation my parents gave me dark looks but they couldn’t talk about it. one time my father found the pictures he said […]

I’ve got the juice

I will take my name and leave it in the sun. It will become dry and porous. I will bring my name in, I will soak it. I will pack it and pack it, more and more. Then I’ll squueeeeze it out, wring it out with gloved hands. And I’ll sell the juice, tiny bottle […]

living with him

face like cloth stretched around a stone shining pale pleading white all winter in my room with the sound, smoke, and sarcasm. skin, like, tunnels on its glow creeps through the room like winds, glowing. glows like cloth around a light. five months like skin crawling i stay in the room. the glow reminds me […]

the process

Does it matter where I place the word, I wonder. I wonder, I place the word where it does matter. I matter, I place the word where it does wonder.

On Driving Through Old Niskayuna

Slowly we roll where the things supposed to happen already did. Past the houses where these people, these people who built the town, had their children, their hobbies, lived humbly, died quietly. This late, this dark, no one walks the streets. So the skeletons waltz with an old man’s memory to share a private love […]