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The Avant-Garde, Zeenat Aman

The cinema of the 70s is often termed as an era that marveled the art of pop culture reorientation. A decade that immersed itself in the chaos of coming of age screenplay and ever inspired music ensemble, the flights of imagination was anything but predictable. It was during this period that Hindi cinema saw the […]

Reading the Landscape: 58

The American Dream is something I walk by in the dark. I never go inside.

Reading the Landscape: 56

Technically not fat. Skinny forearms.

Reading the Landscape: 55

Technically not fat.

Reading the Landscape: 54

Riding my bike through Echo Lake Park in Mountainside, New Jersey, I imagine that all is right with the world.

Reading the Landscape: 53

As the sun finally goes down on this hideous election cycle, the Clinton signs finally begin to come out. The people who own this house, as privileged as it gets, probably wouldn’t suffer under either a Trump or a Clinton administration. But I suppose Trump’s having revealed himself as not only a racist buffoon, but […]

Reading the Landscape: 52

I won’t say “I hate to be that guy” because I love being “that guy.” Nobody who “served” in Iraq died for his (or her) country, let alone for anybody’s freedom. They died because the American ruling class wanted to destroy a large country in the Middle East (for reasons nobody’s quite entirely figured out […]

Reading the Landscape: 51

My bike stopping to check out some local history. Washington stopped in Rahway, New Jersey on the way to New York City (the first capital of the USA) to just before taking the oath of office to serve his first term as president. My home state of New Jersey has as much history as New […]

Reading the Landscape: 50

Irving Street — where Nicholoas Tesla once owned a factory —  in downtown Rahway, New Jersey has never struck me as a particularly dangerous place, but this mural reminds me of a horrible and senseless crime that happened earlier this year. Jamal Gaines, a small business owner at 19, dead at 21. Gaines, 21, co-owned […]

Reading the Landscape: 49

Back in the 1950s, when planes taking off from Newark International Airport developed a bad habit of falling out of the sky onto downtown Elizabeth, NJ, there was talk of opening a new airport 20 miles west in Morris County. Environmentalists quickly mobilized, and not only blocked the project, but eventually managed to turn most […]