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Reading the Landscape: 45

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
The Sears Roebuck store at the foot of the Watchung Hills near Plainfield, NJ has one of the most interesting murals I’ve ever seen in a nondescript chain store. Beneath the painting is a plaque. The type is too small for a blog sized photo, but I’ll cut and…

Motherhood, Leftism and Feminism

Originally posted on Thoughts From my Kitchen:
Credit: fiverr Going back to the kitchen radicalized me. I became a leftist and a socialist. I now fully understand and appreciate how Russian women headed into the streets in 1917 full of rage and fury. Pissing off women who spend their days in the kitchen is not a…

In Praise of The Gong Show

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
As the time spent with the screen approaches or surpasses the time spent outside it, so the parables, overt or otherwise, of men trapped in their own creations or those of others, of individuals trapped in the television pile up in increasing quantities. They pile up without our noticing…

Democrats are Unwittingly Killing Themselves and Want To Take You With Them

Originally posted on Non bona dicta:
The democratic party keeps knocking back hemlock in spite of repeated warnings of its lethal potency. Unfortunately the party suffers from severe memory loss and insist it is the GOP, or leftists, or progressives who drank from the poisoned cup. The dems are now tapping their feet, impatiently checking…

Money Hates Your Heineken and Wants to Fuck

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
? “You can get money for blood, Blood money for doing no good, But they won’t take my love for tender” -Elvis Costello, Clean Money “Pimp put on weight from fighting them off, In the mall, you see it and like it, it’s yours, Thats a nice fit, you…

Your Daily Reminder: The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act:
Corbett • 02/13/2017 While people on both sides of the phony left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia [the chief ISIS paymaster]  an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone … Source: Your Daily Reminder: The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Winter’s Bone (2010)

Originally posted on Thoughts From my Kitchen:
In this last election, Hillary Clinton supporters went out of its way to convince voters that rural poor white America doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s their own fault. They failed to capitalize on their ‘white privilege’ and make something of themselves. Instead they choose to regress…

Are the Police Acting Like a Distributed Gestapo?

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddy Grey, and now Sandra Bland, I’ve seen this movie over and over gain. The screenplay rarely changes. A young black man, or woman, gets into a confrontation with the police. He dies under suspicious circumstances. For the first few days,…

Emmanuelle Riva: The Francesca da Rimini of French Cinema

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Many American street preachers will tell you that they get most of their converts from hecklers. Unlike people who walk by your fire and brimstone sermon without comment, hecklers are passionate, engaged. Even if they only want to prove you wrong, they’re still interested in what you have to…

City of God (2002) – The Violence of Poverty

Originally posted on Thoughts From my Kitchen:
It was suggested that I watch City of God after watching Straight Outta Compton, City of God is Straight Outta Compton turbo charged. Straight Outta Compton deals with First World poverty and City of God deals with Third World poverty. While all poverty is ugly and violent, in…