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Thankfully we don’t have death squads in the USA

Or do we? Sometimes I wonder. Six deaths, all involving men with connections to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, drew attention on social media and speculation in the activist community that something sinister was at play.

If only we’d defend the homeless like we defend Chelsea Clinton

Why did I treat someone like that, especially knowing what I had so painfully and recently endured? More than 550,000 people are homeless on any given night in the United States, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Between 2014 and 2016, I was one of them.

The Clintons, Bushes and Trumps Need to Leave Public Life, Forever (Also the McCains)

We were shocked when Clinton arrived at the vigil, given that she had not yet apologized to Rep. Omar for the public vilification against her. We thought it was inappropriate for her to show up to a vigil for a community she had so recently stoked hatred against. We were not alone in feeling uncomfortable […]

This is god level packing ability

I cycled through most of New England (on a full-sized bike) two years ago with one small backpack and one change of clothes. I’m probably going to do Gettysburg and Hapers Ferry sometime this May. My principle on long distance rides is “the less stuff the better.” But it doesn’t quite work in the real […]

The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits

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? I am temporarily holding and updating Black Triangle’s list of people who have been affected by this governments policy of cuts and sanctions: Please read more about their ethos here: 14 Sep 2015 — The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) published guidance to Jobcentre officials…

When a terrible person makes an excellent point

I usually detest Sarah Kendzior but she’s 100% right about impeaching Trump. It is critical that the stakes are made clear. Refusal to impeach sends the message that the situation cannot possibly be that dire – it if were, the Democrats would move to impeach, right? This is the same disastrous miscalculation that gave us […]

The Greatest Cycling Movie Ever Made

A terrific piece of film criticism that analyzes the film Breaking Away in the context of the fall of the “white working class.” Indeed, Dave attempts to become a completely different person. He literally begins to identify as an Italian, or, rather, what he wants to believe an Italian is. Beneath the eccentricities (Dave becomes […]

I’ve lost everything because of universal credit.

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Wow, what a palaver it was last week, an extremely bad bout of rain and the hassle from the new Tameside One staff and security. It’s mind boggling that they wanted to move us when all we are doing is helping people, feeding people and signposting them.…

A Long Forgotten 1969 Student Protest Against the Internet

The Internet has always been a weapon, going back to its emergence out of the Pentagon in the 1960s as the ARPANET. One story I like to bring up is from 1969, when kids from Student for a Democratic Society at Harvard and MIT protested the Internet (then known as the ARPANET) as a dangerous […]

The Death of the Internet

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Intended to be open, free, and decentralized, it’s now dominated by a handful of companies that control what we see and what we can say. Jonathan TEPPER The internet was meant to be open, free, and decentralized, but today it is controlled by a few companies with grave consequences for…