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Man of Iron (1981)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
In 1976 the renowned Polish director Andrzej Wajda released a film called Man of Marble. Starring Krystyna Janda as Agnieszka, a young filmmaker based loosely on his assistant Agnieszka Holland, Man of Marble had a complex narrative structure modeled on Citizen Kane, a technique the cagey Wajda used to…

Man of Marble (1976)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Andrzej Wajda has always been a difficult filmmaker to pin down ideologically. Almost 90, he made his first film, A Generation, under Poland’s Stalinist government in the early 1950s. His greatest work, Ashes and Diamonds, was released in 1958, two years after the death of pro-Moscow hardliner Bolesław Bierut.…

Ashes and Diamonds (1958)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Is censorship, or the threat of censorship, always bad for art? Or does the threat of censorship force the artist to become better at what he does, more subtle, and, in the case of political art, less crudely propagandistic. Ashes and Diamonds, Andrzej Wajda’s third feature length film, was…

Independence Day

Originally posted on Scape:
The use of the window as a second frame gives this photo a dynamic and layered quality that I always try for (and often fail at) in my own photography. Scape View original post

MOVIE REVIEW | The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)

Originally posted on Bored and Dangerous:
“That jerk Karl Marx said opium was the… religion of people. I got news for him, it’s money.” John Cassevetes is a cinema name I’ve heard a lot.  But I think until a few years ago, I assumed he was just some stone faced, hard ass actor, in the…

Thoughts on the Democratic Debate Having Not Seen It and Only Read the Press Coverage Afterwards

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Political debates are, for me anyhow, a bit like the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Let me explain. Some of you might be too young or too old to fully appreciate the empty momentum with which Napoleon Dynamite swept the cultural landscape of the young suburban idlers at the time of…

Reading the Landscape: 9

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Wychwood is a turn of the (last) century gated community in the West Fields of Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Originally built for rich New York commuters who wanted to live inside a Thomas Kinkade painting, it featured a Tudor Revival gatehouse that stood at its entrance for many years before…

Health Insurance: Right or Privilege?

When Democrats propose means tested social programs (Obamacare, Clinton’s college tuition plan) they play right into the hands of the Republicans.

Health Insurance Deductibles – An Extortion of Patients

Another great article on how Obamacare failed to address the problems of for-profit healthcare and the scam that is the insurance industry.

The Unspoken Catastrophe of Obamacare

This was extremely informative. Not having children, and being in good health, I don’t make much use of the healthcare system, so some of these issues (the effectively two tiered system within Obamacare) had never even occurred to me.