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The Greatest Cycling Movie Ever Made

A terrific piece of film criticism that analyzes the film Breaking Away in the context of the fall of the “white working class.” Indeed, Dave attempts to become a completely different person. He literally begins to identify as an Italian, or, rather, what he wants to believe an Italian is. Beneath the eccentricities (Dave becomes […]

I’ve lost everything because of universal credit.

Originally posted on The poor side of life:
Wow, what a palaver it was last week, an extremely bad bout of rain and the hassle from the new Tameside One staff and security. It’s mind boggling that they wanted to move us when all we are doing is helping people, feeding people and signposting them.…

A Long Forgotten 1969 Student Protest Against the Internet

The Internet has always been a weapon, going back to its emergence out of the Pentagon in the 1960s as the ARPANET. One story I like to bring up is from 1969, when kids from Student for a Democratic Society at Harvard and MIT protested the Internet (then known as the ARPANET) as a dangerous […]

The Death of the Internet

Originally posted on Aisle C:
Intended to be open, free, and decentralized, it’s now dominated by a handful of companies that control what we see and what we can say. Jonathan TEPPER The internet was meant to be open, free, and decentralized, but today it is controlled by a few companies with grave consequences for…

The US Tried to Isolate Venezuela. It has Only Isolated Itself

Originally posted on Journal of People:
by Alan MacLeod Venezuelanalysis | March 01 2019 Donald Trump addresses a a Florida audience on February 18, 2019. (Kevin Lamarque / Reuters) It is no secret that the United States has long been plotting regime change in Venezuela. For over 18 months President Trump has been publicly floating a military invasion…

What Strange Corruption

Originally posted on 100 Flamingos:
The Racist Venezuelan Bourgeoisie’s Accusations Against Chavistas Are Pure Projection Social media truly is the great democratizer. Where else can Twitter trolls and bot armies create a web of baseless rumors that make their way into the empire’s leading publications? For example: “Maduro is a murdering criminal starving Venezuelan children while…

The Ghost of King Leopold II Still Haunts Us

Originally posted on Media Diversified:
Belgium Colonization and the Ignition of the HIV Global Pandemic by Dr. Lawrence Brown In an article entitled “The Early Spread and Epidemic Ignition of HIV-1 in Human Populations” in the magazine Science in October 2014, Nuno Faria and his fellow researchers revealed the location of Ground Zero for one…

Failing the Marshmallow Test

An interesting blog post about the use of the concepts behind the Stanford Marshmallow test by a large e-commerce company.

Casablanca (1942): Pseudo Anti-Fascism, Real Sexism, Genuine Racism

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Originally made to lend the war against the Nazis an air of Hollywood glamour, and directed by the ideologically baffling Michael Curtiz, who shortly thereafter would go onto make the openly pro-Stalinist Mission to Moscow, Casablanca might best be called a “pseudo-anti-fascist romance.” While it has aged better than…

On Being a Failed Writer

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
At the age of 50, I am a failed writer. Except for a few articles on CounterPunch, everything I’ve published has been self-published. I’ve worked tens of thousands of hours, written hundreds of thousands of words, and have never made a dime. Had I spent the same amount of…