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Your Daily Reminder: The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Originally posted on The Most Revolutionary Act:
Corbett • 02/13/2017 While people on both sides of the phony left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia [the chief ISIS paymaster]  an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone … Source: Your Daily Reminder: The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp

Winter’s Bone (2010)

I saw Winter’s Bone when it first came out in 2010 and I’ve been meaning to review it for a while. For some reason I’ve never gotten around to it. Winter’s Bone (still Jennifer Lawrence’s best film) is a much better introduction to the white underclass than J. D. Vance’s overly hyped Hillbilly Elegy, and […]

Are the Police Acting Like a Distributed Gestapo?

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddy Grey, and now Sandra Bland, I’ve seen this movie over and over gain. The screenplay rarely changes. A young black man, or woman, gets into a confrontation with the police. He dies under suspicious circumstances. For the first few days,…

Emmanuelle Riva: The Francesca da Rimini of French Cinema

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Many American street preachers will tell you that they get most of their converts from hecklers. Unlike people who walk by your fire and brimstone sermon without comment, hecklers are passionate, engaged. Even if they only want to prove you wrong, they’re still interested in what you have to…

City of God (2002) – The Violence of Poverty

This is a more detailed review of City of God than my own. It also deals with a question that I decided perhaps a little too easily: Is it possible to be a good person inside the City of God?

The Devil’s Chessboard (2015)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
As we’ve seen in books like James W. Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable and Russ K. Baker’s Family of Secrets, there is a fairly good circumstantial case to be made that John F. Kennedy was killed, not by the “lone nut” Lee Harvey Oswald, but by the “deep state,”…

October (1928)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
One of most celebrated scenes from Eisenstein’s October. The career of Russian film maker Sergei Eisenstein, who lived from 1898 to 1948, can roughly be divided into three phases. In his mid-20s, he made Strike, October, and the iconic Battleship Potemkin. He spent most of his 30s in the…

A Generation (1954)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
A Generation was the second feature length film of the Polish director Andrzej Wajda. Unlike Jean-Pierre Melville’s Army of Shadows, which is a polished masterpiece of world-historical significance, A Generation is an apprentice work. It’s an ideologically confused jumble of messages wrapped up in a film that, while showing…

Danton (1983)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
Danton, a French/Polish film directed by the Polish director Andrzej Wadja opens in the spring of 1794. The Reign of Terror is reaching its crescendo. Éléonore Duplay, the landlady and probably lover of Maximilian Robespierre is teaching her nephew the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Robespierre…

Man of Iron (1981)

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
In 1976 the renowned Polish director Andrzej Wajda released a film called Man of Marble. Starring Krystyna Janda as Agnieszka, a young filmmaker based loosely on his assistant Agnieszka Holland, Man of Marble had a complex narrative structure modeled on Citizen Kane, a technique the cagey Wajda used to…