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Building the Perfect AV Set-Up On a Budget Part 2: Video

Yesterday we went over my budget picks for an audiophile stereo set-up using the stuff I actually have around and use. I spent $123. Lets see if we can beat this on video! In this post I’m including video devices including TVs, DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS and file playback. FLATSCREEN TV: Olevia 40 inch I got […]

Cobra Kai (2018): The Missing Father–The Missing Son

(The first season of Cobra Kai is free until September 11) The Karate Kid, one of the iconic movies of the 1980s, is about two things, the missing father and the missing son. Daniel LaRusso, played by My Cousin Vinny’s Ralph Macchio, is a working-class Italian American from Newark, New Jersey. The son of a […]

What I’ve Learned From Watching 11 Seasons of Degrassi In Less Than 3 Months

-Yes, I, a grown ass man, have gotten hooked on watching various iterations of the Canadian media juggernaut Degrassi. And I took notes. These are not all of them.

When it comes to Game of Thrones, I’m on the Side of the Feminists

Happy endings aren’t always bad. Cynical, contrived unhappy endings aren’t always good. In fact, when it comes to popular culture, they can be downright reactionary. So game of thrones sets up a narrative where a teenage girl becomes the female Luke Skywalker and saves the world from the dead. The handsome prince Jon Snow is […]

Space Seed (1967)

While people sometimes remark that the first interracial kiss on American television took place between William Shatner as Captain James Kirk and Michelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhura on November 22, 1968, it’s not even the first interracial kiss on Star Trek. Whether or not Ricardo Montalb├ín would have been considered “white” in 1967 — and […]

In Praise of The Gong Show

Originally posted on Writers Without Money:
As the time spent with the screen approaches or surpasses the time spent outside it, so the parables, overt or otherwise, of men trapped in their own creations or those of others, of individuals trapped in the television pile up in increasing quantities. They pile up without our noticing…

Homeless (1989)

Homeless, just the sound of word is often enough to make us shudder. We walk past the mentally ill living on the streets of New York or San Francisco. Sometimes we reach into our wallets and drop a dollar or two into someone’s cup. Other times we just look up and keep walking, pretending not […]

The Sopranos (1999-2007)

People who write for TV shows, like Victorian novelists, get paid by the word. As long as the show gets ratings and makes money, it will go on. The Sopranos, like the loaf of bread Karl Marx famously talks about in the first volume of Das Kapital, contains almost as much sawdust as it does […]

A Very British Coup (1988)

What would happen if Jeremy Corbyn were elected Prime Minister? Would he be allowed to govern? Or would the corporate media, the United States government and the ruling class in the United Kingdom do everything they could to sabotage his government short of a coup? In 1982, when both Margaret Thatcher, and left-wing discontent with […]

Why Did Adult Swim Pass on Pretzels 2016? The WWM Exclusive Interview

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Popular nighttime programming block Adult Swim has shut down yet another promising program before it hit the pilot stage. The program, Pretzels 2016 was attached to well known producers who’ve had numerous hits with the station in the past. The network’s summer programming block is in serious jeopardy as a result. “We’re […]