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I’m a writer and filmmaker primarily but I’ve dabbled in various things from activism to stand-up comedy to selling books and records second hand to living out of my car. I ran a talk radio program on and off on WSPN Skidmore radio for 10 years.

I shot most of my first film, Acquaintances, while I was a senior in high school though it took two years to edit and finish. It’s a document of the numerous characters I knew in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I was born and lived until I was 18. You can see the full film here. I also wrote a book about these people which has yet to find a publisher.

I helped run and man the Broadway side information table at Occupy Wall Street from the third day of the occupation until it was forcefully shut down by the NYPD. I wrote a book about my experiences there called Every Time I Check My Messages, Somebody Thinks I’m Dead, available in paperback. Though I first met Stan at OWS, it was after he read the book that we became fast friends over the internet and started the first iteration of this site based around long conversations we were having about movies and Den

I spent all of last summer shooting a film with Brian Spellman under the supervision of Jon Jost called Plain Songs. This film is nearly done.

My writing on this blog is largely theoretical in nature, though I don’t distinguish heavily between the theoretical and the personal. I also tend to hop around between genres and forms, so some personal memoir, straightforward film reviews, and short absurdist fiction may be thrown into the mix here and there.

For a taste of some of these stories, check out the spoken word album I recorded here.

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  1. Just watched Acquaintances: devastating stuff. That first story (evil husband/ car without a seatbelt on the passenger-side/ trusting wife) is familiar from some True Crime text I read once… are Evil Husbands all pretty much thinking up the same schemes…? Oh: and that poor kid at the end… Yipes.

    1. Thanks for the kind words StAug. Re: the first guy and the last guy, they were actually brothers. I debated indicating this somehow in the editing but decided instead to see what viewers thought.

      Have you watched Plain Songs? It’s the next feature I made. It has a different feel but I think you might like it.

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