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An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy,

You keep saying now isn’t the time to impeach for reasons that apparently us mere mortals are too simple to understand. Or maybe you’re just bluffing because you don’t actually want to do anything.

It can’t be because you’re busy working on some other agenda because all the Democratic party seems to have done since we, the US population, overwhelmingly voted your party into a Congressional majority, is pick fights with the president* over his tweets and capitulate to unreasonable demands from the fascist insurgency currently destroying the United States. You act like somehow you can get elected to Congress but can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, as if the only things you could possibly do are pass an impeachment resolution or put out tepid press releases, but only one at a time.

The fascists don’t act like that. The fascists push their agenda aggressively from all directions because even though its wrong and will probably destroy the climate sustaining human life, they want it badly enough. You don’t seem to want anything besides to hold onto the idea you’re the big shot in the room who has everything under control. Despite your weak track record as a legislator, we begrudgingly let you become House Speaker again due to your seniority or the fact we don’t get to vote on the House Speaker, mostly the latter.

I get it. You’re old and will probably die soon. Climate change doesn’t seem that important to you. “By the time the fascist insurgency gets reaaaaally bad,” you think, “I’ll probably be dead.” Does this seem cruel? Prove me wrong.

People don’t really trust or like you because you have not used your pulpit to push back against the evils surrounding us. People don’t really trust or like you because you went after the Speakership position like a dog chasing a car. Now that you have it, you just look confused. I repeat, there are fascists in high places and concentration camps on the border and many other places. If you don’t want to fight for us, get the fuck out of the way and let someone who wants to actually fight for us take over. Your “centrism” ego trip is going to kill a lot of innocent people.

You claim to have no power so its not worth pursuing anything much less impeachment, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who theoretically has less power than you do, has been out in the fray, fighting back and getting her message to the American people. She has had great success in doing so. You haven’t. You seem to feel like the right thing to do when you’re being pelted by the enemy is to go down with your ship. The rest of us are on that ship, and fucking hell if we’re going to let you take us all with you so you can feel like a big powerful lady.

Do you understand messaging at all?? When president racist grandpa acted like president racist grandpa over the weekend, Democratic house members, including yourself, lined up to live up to being the ineffectual boogeymen the GOP base has been trained to think you are. Don’t be fooled-the GOP base wants excuses and validation for their reactionary racism. They want to be united against an enemy and are willing to make that enemy out of anyone who threatens their getting their jollies by being an angry racist mob. You play into this constantly, thinking you’re being clever and savvy.

President racist grandpa snaps his fingers and you act outraged and bring up other members of congress to go up and act outraged. Anyone who’s been half-awake during this illegitimate administration knows that president racist grandpa put the “go back where you came from” tweet out to distract from the fact he has extensive ties to a guy who just got arrested for smuggling and raping children. You have the power to call the press to attention. You used that power to just repeat what president racist grandpa said in the negative, further amplifying his racism. A more savvy and/or competent politician would’ve called the press out to mention that, then pivoted to repeating the message over and over that the president* HAS EXTENSIVE PERSONAL TIES TO A GUY WHO GROOMED AND RAPED CHILDREN FOR A LIVING.

This has a better chance of dividing the GOP base. Anyone thinking the GOP base has any shame about their being racist has not paid one lick of attention to anything going on for the last 4 years. They love being racists. They love to hate. But they don’t want to be associated with A GUY WHO RAPED/FACILITATED OTHER PEOPLE RAPING CHILDREN FOR A LIVING any more than anyone would want to be, outside of the president*, who sure seemed to be having a great time being friends with A GUY WHO RAPED/FACILITATED OTHER PEOPLE RAPING CHILDREN FOR A LIVING, especially while riding the “Lolita Express”.

If you cannot win a messaging battle with a guy who has extensively documented ties to another guy who RAPED/FACILITATED OTHER PEOPLE RAPING CHILDREN FOR A LIVING, then why are you still in your position? I’ve been fired from far less important positions for far more minor derelictions of duty, yet you, Nancy Pelosi, feel you’re the only person in the room who can lead the party. This is despite the fact that in your time as a legislator and periodic House Speaker, the US has done nothing but lurch toward oligarchic fascism. The far right somehow loses voters while consolidating more and more power. This is because you and your centrist colleagues have been asleep at the wheel.

There have been many op-eds saying things to the effect of “Don’t discount Nancy Pelosi, she’s secretly super smart, she’s playing 4 dimensional chess.” But somehow, you’re continually being outsmarted by a guy who seemingly can’t even spell his own name. I’m calling bullshit.

We know you’re a creature of habit. We know you’re not going to change. So please get out of the way so the rest of us, the us who are going to have to live in this country ten years from now when you’re dead or retired, can have some fighting chance. Let somebody else do this job. You clearly don’t feel like actually doing it anymore, if you ever did.


Me and the Tens of Millions of Other People Who Are Thinking This Right Now