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Don’t let the Democratic Party Elite Triangulate the Resistance Against Donald Trump

In politics, triangulation is the strategy in which a political candidate presents their ideology as being above or between the left and right sides (or “wings”) of a traditional (e.g. American or British) democratic political spectrum. It involves adopting for oneself some of the ideas of one’s political opponent. The logic behind it is that […]

A Quick Comment On My Heavily Pro-Clinton town in New Jersey

According to nj.com my town of Roselle, NJ  is probably among the most pro-Clinton places in all of America. Roselle, a suburb of Elizabeth, is heavily African American and Hispanic, but it still has a lot of white people, 6,240 to be precise, and less than 15% voted for Trump. It’s easy to understand why. […]

American Identity Politics: American Exceptionalism

When veteran democratic socialist Doug Henwood chose the cover for his new book Her Turn, he almost certainly hoped to generate controversy. Even though the cartoon of Hillary Clinton aiming a pistol at the prospective reader had been designed by a woman, the unexpectedly strong showing of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has put supporters of […]

Why I won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton (Even against Donald Trump)

I voted for Barack Obama twice. I won’t say I regret it. The alternative in 2008 and 2012 was much worse. I also think he has been a failure as President. While even in 2008 I realized that Obama was a lightweight plucked out of obscurity by the neoliberal elites to be their compliant puppet, […]

Operator’s Manual for Hillary Clinton PotUS Unit, Mark II: An Excerpt

A Note: All those wishing to write letters to Robotical Presidential, Inc. complaining that people are always judging Hillary Clinton’s appearance because she’s a woman, be aware that the purpose of this excerpt is to demonstrate and assess her operational realism solely in her capacity as a politician. That even those lovely jowls on Chris Christie don’t make him look as much like […]