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Another Girl, Another Planet (1993)

Most well known for its exploration of the artistic possibilities of the $40 Fisher Price pixelcam, this feature bewilders. Ostensibly about two friends and several women who weave in and out of their lives, the narrative will often break down or be  interrupted by long disorienting shots of people lighting cigarettes(I must’ve counted at least 5 drawn out cigarette lighting sequences, a noteworthy sum in a feature that’s only 53 minutes) or moving the camera around the blinking surface of a pinball machine. While these look interesting through the distortion of the pixelcam, they don`t quite add up to a feature film. Director Michael Almareyda seems not to mind.

Another Girl, Another Planet works best when detailing the bored social habits of the overly privileged and idle as he did so well in his first feature, the horribly underrated Twister. The one man who keeps bringing back girls to his apartment to play them incredibly obscure pop records as they sit, pointedly disinterested, struck a note of truth. Same goes for the scenes where the three people are sitting in the apartment as the two who’re a couple leave the third one awkwardly fidgeting(this had the added benefit of being quite humorous.) The final shot featuring an elephant left me perplexed.