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Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives Pt. 3: The Bank

She is in the blue distance She’s a visiting wonder He’s in the blue distance He’s a dream come true Am I sleeping and weeping Or just turning over? -Blue Gene Tyranny, “Leading a Double Life” (Check out Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 here and here.) The small repeating cast of Perfect Lives, partly a […]

Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives Pt. 2: The Supermarket

When I’m driving, I sometimes turn on the radio and I find very often that what I’m listening to is a discussion of sports. These are telephone conversations. People call in and have long and intricate discussions, and it’s plain that quite a high degree of thought and analysis is going into that. People know […]

Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives, Pt. 1: The Park

Years ago, I became interested in the notion of involuntary speech. My way of approaching Perfect Lives came out of that interest. I had been observing people-particularly in New York-and I noticed that many many people were talking to themselves, publicly. Since I talk to myself privately, there seemed to be only a thin line […]