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The King of Comedy (1983)

The King of Comedy, while less well-known than the overrated Network, is the better film by far. If Network, Sydney Lumet’s classic 1976 black comedy, is so highly praised on liberal Democratic web sites like Media Matters or Digby, then it’s almost certainly because the screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky looks back with nostalgia on an […]

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Dan’s Review

Note: This blog entry was written by Dan Levine. You can find him here. Martin Scorsese has always had a certain yen for the criminal element, a fascination that makes their exploits, their interesting anecdotal characters, come alive for him but at the same time this liveliness dulls the possibility for his films to be […]

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) : Stanley W. Rogouski’s Review

There are three reasons I moved out of New York City. The first was 9/11. I was over 8 blocks away from the World Trade Center when it came down, and my apartment was all the way up in the north Bronx, but seeing the windows of my office go completely black that horrible morning, […]