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Found in Escapes

What if I seek light in
This night.
Flicker lights falling upon my
Cheek, glistening a part of it, a part
Still left hidden.
What if I seek journey here
Sitting at a deserted bus stand, who
Uses them anyway? Maybe,
Some adventures are good untravelled
What if I seek dance in
The still trees and fully
Blossomed but burdened petals
Of this red red flower, Maybe
Some emotions are best unspoken
Nothing has
Broken down in this part of
The world. The passers by
Still passing, the pretentious
Still talking
What if I seek forgiveness in
This waning crescent moon,
This stillness, this halt
This long drawn silence is not
Here to stay forever,
But it’s still mine
So I don’t see anything moving
But my memories, Maybe
Some notes are better unplayed
Some songs,
Better unsung.


Picture: It’s me trying to discover Fort Kochi

Reading the Landscape: 16


Giuseppe Labbate 1937-2016

The old man who lived next door died last week. Since I didn’t speak much Italian and he didn’t speak much English, we didn’t have much contact. Occasionally he would yell at me for shoveling snow in the wrong place. He also helped maintain a small colony of semi-feral cats who are just as much my neighbors as anybody else. I like to think they are standing vigil for one of their benefactors.